Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun American History

Well, I've taken a long hiatus from this blog, but I am in planning mode again and this is a good place to put my thoughts and plans.

Right now I'm organizing Sean's 6th grade history plans. I want to cover some American history in a fun way. I'm relying on some books from Royal Fireworks Press. We read one of these books as a read aloud a while ago and it was one of the few history books that got Sean really engaged. He thinks he hates history. I am out to prove him wrong this year! I am also going to use some Learning Through History magazines which are quite nice and I think will appeal to him. I think he'd rather read short articles then long historical fiction or even listen to a long textbook as a spine. I'm also going to assign a few books for him to read. We'll also do some movies, a game, and read alouds. I'm hoping also to maybe get a couple of field trips in and maybe some activities that are historically related.

Since Sean does not enjoy reading the books I've selected on are the easy side. I figure if I want him to read for knowledge I shouldn't make the reading a struggle for him. He will be a book club this coming year with 6th through 8th graders and I think those books will be challenging enough for him.

Books for Independent Reading:

The Trail of Tears by Joseph Bruchac (1838)- Step Into Reading-Step 5

Adventures of the Pioneer Show People by Edith McCall (begins in 1812 - Annie Oakley)

If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon (part of the Scholastic series)

Learning Through History Magazine, Tribes of the American Plains issue

Striking It Rich by Stephen Krensky - (1849) Ready to Read Level 3

Gold Rush Adventures by Edith McCall

Lotta Crabtree, Gold Rush Girl by Marian T. Place (Childhood of Famous Americans series) I remember reading this book as a child! I found a used copy.

Learning Through History Magazine - The Atlantic Slave Trade

Willy Finds Victory; A Blessed Francis Seelos Story by Joan Stromberg

Learning Through History Magazine - The American Civil War

Civil War for Kids - A History with 21 Activities

A Story of Father Damien by Brother Ernest, CSC

Learning Through History - Industrial Revolution

The Orphans Find a Home - A St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Story

Read Alouds:

(This include a couple of Roman history books too in prep for our trip to Rome in the spring)

The Aeneid for Boys and Girls by Church (dh started this in the spring but the kids objected. So I plan to read during 'school' hours.

I Rode with Hannibal by Hans ?????

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

Across Five Aprils

Moccasin Trail



The Jazz Singer

Annie Get Your Gun


The Red Badge of Courage

Gone with the Wind

Field trips

Gold Vein VA?

Gettysburg PA

Civil War Reenactment somewhere?


Stephen Foster/Civil War Songs


Study timeline posted on wall in re Civil War
Any activities Sean would be interested in doing

This probably isn't complete. But at least I've got it written down now!

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Johnny Tremain made a great read-aloud! And feel free to have our Revolutionary War JINGO game - the kids loved it, but now I'm sick of it.

Field trips? Easy - head down to Yorktown (the National Park Service site) - I learned a lot there. We've never been to Gettysburg, but that is a must-see also.