Wednesday, August 29, 2007


  • Mass with Hannah

  • Circle time - Guardian Angel prayer, Morning has broken, Loch Lomond, All Around the Mulberry bush; bean bag toss counting by two's; jumping rope

  • did first page in her reading book. Copied words lot, got, dot, hot

  • dressed up as gypsies with Hannah

  • listened to Winnie the Pooh cd

  • worked very hard cleaning up her little playhouse downstairs
  • grated cheese for our omelet for dinner
  • I took her out to practice roller blading after dinner


  • First Vision Therapy session - very enthusiastic about it

  • listened in on circle time

  • played lots of gameboy games

  • played over at Jacob's house all afternoon
  • Rick read more Harry Potter to him
  • He is working on doing the 'bridge' that he saw another 8 yo gymnast do.


  • Chess camp

  • Stephen came over to play, lots of chatting between them

  • played new Paper Mario game
  • cracked the eggs and helped make omelet
  • read first chapter in I Marched with Hannibal
  • I read to him from A Boy's King Arthur


  • Cybercamp - Flash Animation
  • CLC meeting tonight


  • Mass with Becky

  • Cleaned room

  • Played with Becky

  • Guitar lesson

  • Read Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know
  • Didn't write her narration, so she's going to do it tomorrow before Spanish class


  • I read more of Sun Slower, Sun Faster. Poor Rickie might have to go home with his dreadful guardians, but I'm sure Dominic will save the day.
  • Everybody was fiddling around with the guitar today, trying to play it. Hannah tightened the strings so much she snapped one. Ah, well.
  • Got everyone to tidy up before dinner


  • Got Sean to VT - read book, 1215, while waiting

  • circle time

  • picked up Josh

  • cleaned basement

  • laundry (2 loads but I didn't put them away)

Two new rules for myself. No computer in the a.m. before I have started laundry. And, no computer in the evening until the kitchen is cleaned.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

learning highlights 8/28


  • Mass (8:00 a.m.)
  • Chemistry (10 -12)
  • Read more Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know
  • Watched next half of Lecture Two Philosophy and Theology of Thomas Aquinas


  • Flash Animation computer camp (8:30 - 5:30)
  • Chemistry (10 - 12)
  • Watched next half of lecture two on Philosophy and Theology of Thomas Aquinas (9:30 -10)


  • Chess camp (9-12)
  • played Nintendogs


  • read aloud several picture books to him
  • played Mad Libs
  • played around on his recorder
  • listened to the end of George's Marvelous Medicine
  • listened to second half of fairy tale, The Yellow Dwarf
  • played outside for 20 minutes, raced back and forth across the yard; practiced tennis a bit


  • read aloud several picture books to her
  • played Mad Libs
  • did a circle time with me
  • listened to the end of George's Marvelous Medicine
  • listened to the second half of fairy tale, The Yellow Dwarf
  • played with pennies subtracting 10 from 20 and such.
  • Practiced roller blading with mom
  • Becky showed me some words she'd copied out from her birthday card Grandma had given her. I've been letting her have paper and crayons at night before she sleeps. She copied out 'magical dreams' and was very proud of herself.


  • Read more of Sun Slower, Sun Faster. We went back into Ango-Saxon times at the time of the Coronation of Edgar.


  • Learned a bit more about Anthroposophy and Christianity
  • Read more in 1215, the year of the Magna Carta
  • Ordered silks and other Waldorf supplies
  • Cleaned basement more
  • Drove children hither and yon
  • I've been feeling a lot more centered and present to my kids lately. A very good thing!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging 8/27

Woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. Finally got up a little before 6:30 a.m. Took care of some homeschool group matters via e-mail and looked up some Waldorf resources to get an idea about how to set up the basement. I've decided that we'll do our circle time and such downstairs which is really the better place to do stuff. All the art supplies and things are down there. Had my tea but no walk this morning.

Hannah came down after 7:00. She'd slept too late to take a shower. She got herself off to mass and then Spanish class.

Will got up at 7:30. Had a bagel. I packed him lunch. Rick took him at 8:00 to his Cybercamp. That goes from 8:30 to 5:30. He's learning Flash Animation. In the meantime I got Josh and Sean up. Josh showered and ate breakfast. Sometime during all this Becky got up. I told Becky and Sean to get dressed and then we took Josh to his chess camp which started at 9:00. I got there with a cup of coffee in my hand. Both kids were barefoot. Then I saw several other homeschooling moms going into mass. I had completely forgotten about mass. I should have tried to plan for us to go as well, but I was so caught up with the busy-ness of the morning I'd forgotten.

Back home, we had a bit of a hard time not doing screen. New screen rules are now in effect. Screen is only allowed after 4:00 and before dinner. Sean ate some tuna and crackers (hadn't eaten breakfast) and then was achingly bored. Becky kept herself busy. I decided to go down and work on cleaning the basement and setting it up for a classroom space. I was so tired . . . . I was working in slow motion. I kept listening to Natalie McMaster to keep up my energy. Sean and Becky played upstairs for a while, on the piano and doing gymnastics and such. Then they came downstairs. Becky got really into setting up the classroom and added her only little touches. She brought down a bunch of old boardbooks from her room as well as her Barbie book to put on a shelf. Hardly very Waldorf, that Barbie, but she was happy so I was happy too. I read a couple of books aloud too while we cleaned and tidied and arranged things. The place is still pretty messy. I think I'll do some more this evening or tomorrow. It'll be ongoing.

Finally, after 11:00 I just needed to take a shower to keep going. So I left the kids to play and went upstairs. Wasn't in for 2 minutes before the kids were knocking on the door. Ah well.

Went to pick Josh up at 12:00 noon, kids in tow. But Josh's friend Stephen was at the camp and the first thing he did (besides hugging me, which was so sweet) was to ask if he could play at Stephen's. Stephen's grandmother said he could so Josh has been there ever since. Josh said he had a great time at camp. He really likes playing chess.

Came home with Becky and Sean. Becky wanted to play with a handwriting kit I had. She made her name in heiroglyphics and had a jolly good time. Then she wanted to play with the stylus and clay (supposed to be for cunieform) but she just wanted to write the A B C's on the clay which she did quite happily for a while. I made myself a sandwich. Then I read from the Blue Fairy Book the story The Yellow Dwarf. Sean started playing with playdough during this. It is a very long fairy tale with lots of surprising twists and turns. I only got about half way through when I started to nod off.

For quiet time I let Becky and Sean continue playing with their clay and playdough and listen to a library cd we got out, George's Marvelous Medicine by R. Dahl. They listened and I went upstairs. I read some more of The Seeing Stone which I am really starting to not like. It is too graphic and has too much sexual innuedo for Josh to read. It strikes me as a book that in trying to be medieval is really superimposing very modern sensibilities on to it. It kept making references to the sacraments in a disturbing way.

Came downstairs, Sean was really enjoying the Dahl audio but I made him stop to get ready to go swimming with his friend Joseph. But as usual Joseph's mother is an hour later than she said she'd be. Typical. Hannah came home. She stayed after the class to do homework in the library there. She must have gotten some lunch somewhere.

Right now as soon Sean gets picked up, Becky and I are going to The Paschal Lamb, then we'll pick up Will at his cybercamp.

Sean didn't get pick up until an hour and 45 minutes after the supposed time. After he went, Becky and I drove to pick up Josh and then we went to The Paschal Lamb. I looked for stuff for our classroom. I got several wooden and string rosaries. I just don't care for the plastic, chain variety. They break so easily. Then I got a lovely Icon type plaque of the three archangels. Our St. Michaels' Statue took a really beating last year. I also got a beautiful clay statue of St. Francis of Assisi. I decided he would sit on our nature table and I wanted something in a natural material rather than the cheapy plastic one I already have. I also book a couple of movies, The Jeweler's Shop and The Flower of St. Francis by Rossellini. And I got a poster of the 23rd psalm to put up in the classroom area. The classroom is shaping up. We'll do more work tomorrow. I must order silks. I decided I'd put silk on the altar in liturgical colors and then get the pastel pinks and oranges to drape in a couple of places.

We stopped and got ice cream at Carvels and then picked up Will from Cybercamp. He was very happy about how much flash animation he'd learned. He's a bit bummed because he's going to have to miss some of it tomorrow morning to go to his first chemistry class.

Home again, Hannah who'd been home had put the chicken in to bake. We had screen time. Becky only watched one Arthur though. She was too busy. She loves the hieroglyphics kit. I made rice, put on a load of laundry, made a salad. Sean came home from his swimming. Kids set the table. We ate out on the porch. The weather was much nicer than it's been.

Read Sun Slower, Sun Faster after dinner. Clean up a bit; not totally, gotta work on that. After dinner, we said prayers and I put Becky to bed. Rick came home. He read to Sean. Hannah, Will and I watched more Ralph McIniery on Aquinas. Very interesting. We paused a couple times to have little philosophical discussions. Before this Will got all his stuff together for Chemistry. Now Hannah is supposed to be reading Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know. Rick went to bed already. He has a 7:15 doctors appt for his back. He'll have to get up very early. Josh and Sean are still awake. Need to settle them down and get everybody to bed.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Blogging the day 8/24

12:25 p.m. Writing this while waiting for Hannah and Becky to bring home some food from the grocery store.

Woke a little late 7:45 or so. Didn't make it on a walk. Did a lot of internet stuff, answering e-mails and such.

Will was up early again. He won Halo and is now working on Halo II.

Hannah got up early and showered. She and Will went to 9:15 Mass.

Have no food in the house to speak of. Scraped together some breakfast of cinnamon toast and yogurt for some kids (I don't think Sean ate anything). Both Sean and Josh showered this a.m.

Becky helped with some laundry. She loves to clean the dryer vent and push the buttons!

We've been taking it very easy otherwise. First the pest control guy showed up and tried to kill some more of the yellow jackets inhabiting our front garden. Then Dave my nephew who is also a landscaper came by and we had a nice talk about plans for the yard. I am excited now! I really like my nephew, a great guy, and I felt totally on the same wave length. He's really into native plants and being organic and stuff. It's going to be fun planning this out. So that took up most of the morning. The kids mostly played on games and watched tv.

After lunch I plan to read Sun Slower, Sun Faster some more and then watch some more of our Thomas Aquinas dvd with Hannah and Will. Then Hannah will do some more Church history work and Will will mow the back yard which is like a jungle right now. I plan to do some housekeeping. Hannah and Becky are home! Time for lunch!

6:07 Well I did read aloud and we did watch our Aquinas dvd. Spent way too much time on the laptop. Hannah worked a bit on history but Will has not mowed the lawn. I did clean the kitchen for about 10 minutes that's all the motivation I could muster up. In a vain attempt to get myself some energy I drank a cup of decaf and listened to Natalie McMaster, she usually gets me going, but to no avail. I did manage to call a park to try to set up something for the teen group and I sent out an e-mail about a monthly movie night for the teen group as well.

Hmm. I managed to put on a load of laundry. Oh and I talked to someone about setting up horseback riding lessons. Becky is right at this minute swimming around in our tub taking a bath. She needed one! She also played a bit on Noggin which was vaguely educational. Sean composed another song at the CN games website. He loves that 'game'! He's been fooling around on the piano too. But I think most of the day has been spent watching tv or playing video games. The sun has finally come out but everybody is too lethargic to notice! I ordered Jerry's for dinner and must go get it. Maybe we'll eat out on the porch. Becky tried to wash the porch floor for me too this afternoon. She did a tiny corner of the porch.

Hannah just volunteered to go get Jerry's food. Yeah!

Let's see what else vaguely educational has been going on. Will is reading a Dave Barry book as well as the Vision book on Thomas Aquinas. Now that's an unusual combo! I gave him the Aquinas book because he's having hard time getting into the Aquinas dvd we are watching. Josh read The Fairy Rebel by Lynn Reid Banks in one sitting last night. I think he stayed up past midnight.

Well, the sky was blue but we just went out and it is overcast and the air is very heavy. Not pleasant. Becky's out of her bath. I forgot to mention that I also sat down with Hannah and we went through our respective planners and saw what our schedules were going to be like in September. Very, VERY busy. But I think I am looking forward to it. I just don't like a lot of down time. It gets very old after a while. Friday afternoons are always hard for me. I often feel a profound sense of boredom and laziness. But looking back I did more than I felt like I did.

Tomorrow I am going to a Waldorf Homschool Conference. I won't know anybody. I am going to be gone all day practically. Rick hates it when I do that on weekends. But I really want to learn more about Waldorf.

10:50 p.m. After dinner Becky wanted to watch the level 2 dvd of Christian Art Heritage. So we watched some of that. I found it interesting but she lost interest after a bit. Rick came home very tired. We said prayers. Becky wanted me to read her a chapter book she picked out at the library. It's entitled Phantom Horse and seems to be a series about a girl who lives out west and rides horses. Anyway, it was a little too old for Becky and she lost interest in that. So I left her in her bed with a coloring book, crayons and listening to an audio cd we got out of the library, one of those Rabbit Ears productions that tells folk tales.

Sean wanted Rick to play Suduko with him on the computer but I don't thing they got it to work. I think Rick read to Sean or maybe they were just talking. Anyway, Sean went to bed and was sitting up looking at an old Guiness Book of World Records. Josh wanted me to play Family Feud on the computer with him, so we played a couple of rounds of that. Hannah and Will had gone to a friend's house. Hannah wound up staying the night and I went to pick up Will. Now I'm home again. Rick's in bed as is everybody except Will and I am about to shoo him off to bed and go myself. Hopefully I'll read a couple of pages of my new King Arthur book before I fall asleep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogging for photoessay

Had a really rough night. Woke up at 3:00 from anxiety dream (too much caffeine yesterday) and didn't go back to sleep until about 5:40 or so. Woke again at 7:40. Didn't walk this a.m. Feel very out of sorts. In spite of this I have been taking photos with my digital camera. I'm determined to figure out this photo essay stuff.

Will woke very early at 7:00 a.m. and played Halo which he got yesterday and is obsessing on.

Started waking everyone else at 8:30. Made breakfast sandwiches. Didn't get everybody down to breakfast until 9:30. Read about 45 minutes of Sun Slower, Sun Faster which was really good.

Everybody started composing songs again at the CN music game site. Rick came down and changed lightbulbs in kitchen which was wonderful because it's been raining for 3 days now and it is very, very gloomy out and I hated having those lights out. Made everything dim and depressing. He also sprayed Round Up on some weeds that look suspiciously like poison ivy growing in our garden. Our garden is a total mess. We haven't weeded in ages because of the yellow jackets. Pest Control guy is coming on Friday morning to try to get rid of them AGAIN.

I put on laundry and then we started cleaning the basement. Hannah did a little bit with the dress up closet. We started putting all the games on the carts in the basement so they'd be more accessible. I did have them on the shelves by the tv in the sitting room but nobody could really reach them there. We did some decluttering and tidying. Not much, the room looks worse now than before. I need to work some this afternoon just to get it tidy looking. Josh and Sean found some yo yo's and starting playing with them. Josh was a good worker. Sean doesn't listen and gets distracted.

Hannah and Will went to confession and noon mass. Right now Becky and Josh are watching winnie the pooh dvds. I don't know what Sean is doing. Better go check on him. Oh, he's downstairs watching Hannah Montana. We don't really have anything to eat for lunch I realize except pb&j. I'm must try to make do and not give in to junk food cravings! Meatloaf tonight for dinner.

This afternoon I'd like to take a nap, work a little bit more on the basement, maybe play one of the board games we uncovered in our cleaning, do 2 more loads of laundry (I need to do Rick's and mine!), the boys have to change the gerbil cages today, make dinner, clean kitchen completely, watch more Thomas Aquinas dvd, read to kids some more, read some of my own book.

8:38 well the afternoon was very blah. It has been very overcast, cool and rainy for 3 days. The weather I think is getting to us all. I did read a bit and take a very short nap. The screens have been on all afternoon. I spent a lot of time just surfing the net but not accomplishing much. I did get laundry done. Hannah did some too. We cleaned up in the basement for another 15 minutes. I made meat loaf. Rick still isn't home yet. So the dinner is going to be cold again.

We had a terrible time changing those gerbil cages. Three of the little critters escaped and we had to hunt them down. Goodness, it took a half hour to catch them and get the cages changed. I don't know if gerbils are worth it!

Got in a little tiff with Hannah because I wouldn't let her go out with Katie or drive Will to his CLC meeting. Told her she had to do her church history work. Sigh . . . Will's at CLC now. I hope Hannah's working so that I can tell her she can pick him up. Usually the whole gang stops at Dairy Queen after the meeting.

Cleaned kitchen a bit. While I drove Will to church, the tv went on downstairs. I think they're all watching the upteenth episode of Drake and Josh. Anyway, time to rouse them and say evening prayers, read a couple picture books to Becky.

Goodness, I hope the sun comes out tomorrow. I miss it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blogging the day

I haven't blogged for a while, it seems. Or seriously blogged anyway. Since we are in a transitional time right now getting ready for high tide the day after Labor Day, I thought I'd blog this day and incoroporate everything, eating, exercise, thoughts, activities, down time, etc.

Woke at 6 with Becky getting into bed with me. She'd had a bad dream. I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up about 6:30. Moved laundry, had cup of tea. Couldn't get any computer to work! So I wound up looking for the Teaching the Classics DVD that has gone missing. I am very frustrated with myself for having misplaced it. I self-sabatoge this way all the time. I know I put it someplace because I was planning to use it this week but I must have absent-mindedly misplaced it somewhere. Anyway I decluttered a bit. We are still unpacking and catching up from vacation.

7:30 I went up and got dressed to go on a walk. Rick was awake so I told him about the computers. he came down and started working on them. Managed to get them all up. Will woke up and came down and was helping with computers. I went for my walk, 30 minutes, said the rosary, met a neighbor walking her dog. Will put on a load of laundry.

Came home, had another cup of tea, checked e-mail and such. Will was just wandering around aimlessly. I told him to go take a shower but he put it off. Gotta work on basic hygiene with that guy. Becky woke up. Started breakfast; frozen french toast. Got Sean and Josh and Hannah up @ 8:30. Sean took shower.

8:55 Hannah and Will went to 9:15 mass.

Becky, Sean, Josh and I had french toast for breakfast.

I told the kids no screen until 1:00 p.m. They have been down in the basement playing on the keyboard, playing on a recorder or playing ping pong. Becky has been playing in her Under the Sea Scratch and Sketch book she got for her birthday. I just read to her again about Hermit Crabs. Sean just picked out the tune to Where is Love from Oliver on the recorder.

Today: focus on getting everyone unpacked and rooms tidied, laundry, haircuts, work on cleaning and organizing basement, start pot roast in crockpot for dinner. Read Sun Slower, Sun Faster at lunch time, make everybody read for an hour, watch more St. Thomas Aquinas lectures (started that last night).

update 10:54 a.m. Rick still hasn't left for work. He's setting up his new laptop.

Sean worked on learning Where is Love on the recorder. Becky got out Will's weight set and was lifting weights! Josh retired to his room and starting re-reading our Mrs. Piggle Wiggle collection (he's read it several times before; an old favorite). I did laundry and puttered around. Sean started teaching Becky how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

Hannah and Will came home from Mass and Starbucks. Hannah is watching swing dancing on utube and now Sean and Becky are planning to do a dance for the St. Nick's Day show our homeschool group has every year. They look so sweet dancing together. They are really good for an 8 and 6 year old. Will is finally taking a shower then we are all going to the mall to get haircuts. All three boys look very shaggy. Need to pick up bedding for gerbil cages. The cages need changing.

11:46 I am waiting for the water to boil for Ramen noodles. We decided to eat lunch and then go get haircuts. Sean already had his tuna. I'm making noodles and then kids can choose between pb&j or turkey sandwiches. Hannah left again already. She's off to NVCC's bookstore to get her Spanish I books, her class starts Thursday (I thought it started Tuesday). Good news, she knows another homeschooler who's going to be in the class. She was nervous about going to a college class and not knowing anybody. I cleaned up a bit in the basement. Yesterday we cleaned up the dress up closet by the stage. Today I am going through the shelves and bins down there. Josh has been most helpful today. He announced he was in a good mood!

2:43 We ate lunch and then spent a long time looking for Sean's shoes. I found them in the basement toybox. I realized that he hadn't worn them since Sunday and then cleaners had been here yesterday. There is one cleaner that just picks up everything and throws it somewhere. Why anyone would think that shoes belong in a toybox is beyond me. But it's really our fault, we need to tidy up before they come. Anyway, we went to get haircuts which took a while. Becky bought Hannah a gumball to surprise her with. After haircuts the boys all went next door to EBGames to window shop; play demo games. Will bought some games on sale. Becky and I walked over to the pet store to get bedding. They had the cutest puppies in the windows mini dachsunds and Shepherd/border collie mixes. Very cute. I couldn't pass by the Starbucks without getting a tall skim latte. Now we are home and everybody is settling down to play video games or watch tv. Everyone's chilling for the next couple of hours. Hannah got her Spanish books. They didn't look too intimidating to her so that's making her feel a little better about the class.

4:55 update on quiet time: Sean and Becky watched two episodes of Hannah Montana and two episodes of Foster's home for Imaginary Friends. They also sorted through Becky's button collection. Becky has this old collection of buttons I found in my grandmother's sewing box years ago. Somehow it got stashed in our linen closet and during our sweep earlier this summer I found it and gave it to her. Josh was watching Toonami cartoons on the study computer. Hannah was getting her school stuff ready for Spanish. She came by looking for a composition book. She said she was going to read the first chapter in her Spanish. Now she's writing up her narration of the 3rd date in Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know. During this time I made up a schedule for William for the coming year and posted it on the kitchen cabinet door. Then I read some more of my book 1215; the Year of the Magna Carta. Then I took a shower. Becky during this time was also trying to create her own comic book. She was having trouble with her word bubbles so when I came out she dictated a joke to me to write in the word balloon. Also all day long Becky has been doing cartwheels and flips and practicing the splits. She is completely enchanted by gymnastics and can't stop herself from doing flips and such. One night she did 100 cartwheels in about 8 minutes. She and Sean just went upstairs presumably to clean up the floor of Sean's room so they can swing dance, however, I hear Sean playing Where is Love on the recorder again. Will during this time more or less just sat around waiting to get use of the downstairs tv so he could play Halo which he is playing now.

6:09 I sent Josh, Sean and Becky off to change the gerbil cages. Somehow they got into a fight and Josh wound up evicting them from the room. A few minutes later he came out announcing that one of the gerbils got loose. Becky and I tried to help but I'm trying to cook dinner at the same time and Becky isn't much help for this. Hannah wrote a very rough draft (very rough) of her narration. I think she spent more time on I M than actually working. Sigh. If she wants to unschool that's one thing but if she wants to be more traditional (which is what she says) she needs to do the work. Now she's gone for a 20 minute walk. It has been raining off and on all day but she has always liked walking in the rain. Will is still playing his game. I am going to give him until 6:30. Now Josh and Sean are hunting for the gerbil. They are both acting frustrated. I think it's hunger, they wanted to snack but I told them it was too close to dinner time. Becky is playing with my camera.

7:18. Had dinner. Pot roast, mashed potates and salad. Becky made the salad and was very proud of herself. Hannah is moody, complaining she's hungry. She didn't like the dinner. She toasted some English muffins and now we are having decaf tea. She's also complaining about how strange Will is to her friends. Will is stalking the gerbil. I said if the kids found the gerbil I'd clean the kitchen instead of making them. But I don't think anybody but Will took me seriously.

9:17 Cleaned kitchen, mostly. Didn't sweep. Becky got on my laptop and into microsoft word. She decided to type out her recipe for salad. She typed (with help from me and Hannah) Becky's recipe salad lettuce tomatoes spring onion. I went upstairs in search of the gerbil. Josh was reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle again. Hannah came by and together we found and finally caught the little lost gerbil. Josh never did change the bedding in the cages. Argghh! The room is getting that dreadful smell. And the room is a mess because we were moving toyboxes and furniture all over trying to find the gerbil. Sean during this time got onto the Cartoon networks game site where you can compose jazz music. He loves to do this. He composed a piece he called Cool3 (he already has pieces saved entitled Cool1 and Cool2). Becky decided to try her hand at composing and created Becky's Awesome song1 and 2. I don't know exactly where Will was or what he was doing during this time.

Rick came home and we said prayers. I put Becky to bed. Read her a couple of stories out of a collection of Barbie stories she somehow acquired. Real twaddle but of course she adores it. Then she wanted to listen to Winnie the Pooh. She claimed she was hungry so I brought her some grapes to munch while she listened.

Rick read some Harry Potter to Sean. Then I put Sean to bed. He said he was hungry so I made him some pb crackers. He really wants to start vision therapy so he can read better. He envies Josh who reads so much at night. Josh said he wanted to read a book set in the Roman time. I gave him a Rosemary Sutcliffe novel. It might be above his level but he seemed interested. But then he wound up going down to play a video game. He didn't get a turn this afternoon so I had told him earlier in the day he could play after Sean went to bed.

Hannah was supposed to be reading more Ten Dates but she started fooling around with the CN music writing game saying she was going to compose her own jazz piece.

Rick munched on some cold dinner, poor guy.

Right now I am going to watch Ralph McIniery (or however you spell his name) lecture on Thomas Aquinas with Hannah and Will. Then I'll probably do some more laundry, put on the dishwasher and go to bed to read my book 1215. I snuck in some reading whenever I went to the bathroom! It is fascinating stuff!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Planning for interim

Here I am on vacation and I'm thinking about what we're going to be doing when we get home. But I think I need to get it settled in my own head so I can tell the kids (especially Hannah and Will) what we'll be doing.

Hannah starts her Spanish class on Tuesday, so we'll have to get her her books on Monday and also her parking permit.

Monday will probably be recuperating from vacation and New Mom Tea.

Monday a.m. Video school with St. Thomas Aquinas lectures and Teaching the Classics for both H and W. Also, we'll start cleaning up the basement.


Hannah's class, her homework, reading/writing for Church history, video school, clean basement.

Wednesday, Thursday:

video school, clean basement, any Spanish homework, reading/writing for Church history, video school


Hannah's class, her homework, reading/writing for Church history, video school, clean basement


reading/writing for church history, video school, clean basement, house blessing


Mass, breakfast, reading/writing for church history, video school.


Will goes to cybercamp all day so we'll have to switch video school to evening. Hannah still needs to read/write for Church history and any Spanish homework. Josh to chess camp?


Hannah's spanish class, homework, video school in evening.

We'll pretty much repeat this schedule until video school is done. I can't remember how many lectures there are in the Intro to Thomas Aquinas lectures there are, or how long Teaching the Classics is.

But Hannah should be all finished with reading 10 Dates in Church History and writing on each date by the end of two weeks. We also want to have viewed all the video stuff. That's the goal.

I am not sure what I'm doing with the other kids during this time. I am tempted to start up something with them just to make things even for all. I think it would be better if we all started some form of formal studies together as a family. The other goal is to get the basement completely swept before Labor Day. I hope that I get lots of toys off to Good Will.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


A.M. Was feeling so discouraged about my kids' attitudes this morning. Everybody seems so selfish and whiney.

Went to Mass with Sean though. Feast of St. Dominic. Mass was good. Hannah and Will went too, but separately. I really think Hannah was a little offended that I wanted to go to daily Mass too. I think I was infringing on her territory.

Anyway, Sean and I went out to breakfast. He picked IHOP. I ate about 1/2 of a spinach and mushroom omelet and lots of coffee with half and half (gotta remember to get skim milk!) We talked a bit about school. He was actually enthusiastic about it. I showed him all his books for next year. I told him last year we took it easy but for 3rd grade I was going to require him to work hard, BUT I would make it as fun and interesting as possible. He was pleased.

Came home, showered then spent time doing various planning things both for school and vacation. Decluttered the long counter under the sink which has been an eyesore for months. So that's good. It's still not very pretty looking. It's got lots of odds and ends on it. A bread machine, a paper towel holder, a toaster, a dirt devil hand vac, a scale that Sean plays with all the time weighing various things, 4 flashlights. Rick keeps buying flashlights. I really don't know where to keep them all. Then I have various jars and dishes full of odds and ends kind of stuff, loose change, pens and pencils, marbles, little lego bits, costume jewelry, barbie shoes, ping pong ball, some old math manipulatives, paper clips, matchboxes, pens and pencils etc. It just takes so long to sort all that stuff out.

Lunch - had an organic cola and a couple of left over organic chicken strips. Wasn't very hungry because of late breakfast.

It has been incredibly hot here. 100% with intense humidity. You feel like you'll have an asthma attack if you stay outside too long. Very hazy and polluted.

I hope to get on the elliptical. Yesterday I just pooped out at about 8:45 p.m. I need to get it in before then.

Trying to get homeschool notification ready and filed with county before we leave.

So far I've been keeping the upstairs neat and I've also been keeping up on laundry. So I feel pretty good about that!

Almost done with my finalized British History/Lit syllabus. Also want to send that out before we leave.

Dinner is porcupine meatballs. I was going to make rice with it, but we don't have enough. I never run out of rice!!!!!! How'd that happen. So I think we'll just have rolls and salad with the meatballs.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Today 8/7

A.m. no exercise. I might still try to do elliptical machine this evening.

Had a smoothie for breakfast and cup of tea with sugar and milk

Spent all morning with Rick at the spine doctor's. Rick is really healing. Yippee!

We had lunch at The Olive Garden. Had two bowls of salad; 1.5 breadsticks and about half a plate cappelini pomodoro which was supposed to be a low cal dish.

Also coffee with half and half.

Came home but then had to go out to take Hannah to the courthouse to get her official driver's license.

Came home and tried to clean through lots of papers and junk on kitchen counters. I actually filled a trashbag but you can't tell I did anything! Sigh!

Hannah made dinner. I had two turkey sausages and one slice of homemade french toast with a little confectioner's sugar.

So not a great eating/exercising day. Or a good sweep day either. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sweep con't

What's done upstairs:

Most of my room, but not all of it. There are still a couple niggling corners that didn't get attended to, but I just have to move on and do them another time.

Most of the master bedroom and bath
Hall bathroom and linen closet
Boys room - major acheivement!
Hannah's room - wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
Will and Becky's room

On Friday, I did half-heartedly start on the dining room. Today I am going to focus on books for 30 minutes in the study. I desperately need to clean them out and give away some of them.

I'm also going grocery shopping. Just planned menus in previous post.

Monday - study
Tuesday - front hall, powder room, living room and dining room
Wednesday - kitchen cabinets, fridge
Thursday - counters and desk
Friday - mud room


Sunday - roast chicken, bread, fruit salad

Monday - fajitas, tex-mex veggies, chips (never made these last week; don't know what happened!)

Tuesday - french toast and sausage, applesauce

Wednesday - porcupine meatballs, rice, salad, veggies (never made these either!)

Thursday - chicken caesar salad, rolls, fruit

Friday - broiled fish, mashed potatoes, veggie

Breakfasts - smoothies 2x, cereal 2x, frozen french toast 1x

Lunches - hoagies 2x, chicken nuggets 1x, English muffin pizzas 1x, mac and cheese 1x.

Snacks - popcorn, totilla chips and salsa, cookies, fruit, baby carrots, yogurts

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Food Diary 7/2

7:00 a.m. cup of tea with milk and sugar

7:20 walked 30 minutes and said rosary

After walk had glass of water

8:30 a.m. had fruit smoothie and 1/2 toast (no butter)

10 ish a cup of coffee with a little whole milk

Weighed myself at 11:00 a.m. and I was 163.5. Whoopee!

12: 45 p.m. Lunch - a small scoop of tuna with a little bit of mayo, slice of toast and two thick slices of ripe tomato. Was still hungry. Ate a plum. Was still hungry. Chowed down on about 5 fat free meringues. Drank a tall glass of water. Gotta drink more water.

1:45 - after lunch cup of tea with milk and sugar

No afternoon snack

Had 8 inch steak and cheese sub with LTM and tall glass of water.

Has to go to Holy Hour from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. so Will and I went to the all night Greek dinner near the church at about 11:00 p.m. I had a cup of coffee with half and half and a slice of Key Lime Pie (didn't eat all the whipped cream!) so I could stay awake. I actually stayed awake!

Revamping Mt. Vernon Sweep

I am feeling a little pressure to go faster on this sweep as it is very possible we'll go to the Outer Banks in a couple weeks. Rick seems to be doing a bit better. I still don't know if he's up for a 6+ hour drive but he gets another steriod shot between now and then. Anyway, It's taken me 2 weeks to not quite get through the upstairs which means I have to get the main floor done in one week. Especially as I am hosting the New Mom's Tea the day after we get back so I'd really like the main floor in order before we leave.

So today:

Finish up Hannah's room

Work on powder room; front hall (I cleaned out the closet within the last year so it's mostly just the marble top dresser in the front hall). Living room and dining room. Dining room is the worst because we have lots of school books and such stuffed in there. That needs a good cleaning out. However, none of this is that bad so it could easily be done in one day.

If I get this done today, tomorrow I could work on finishing up Will and Becky's room and my room.

Saturday - we're having a picnic/party for my sister Eileen. She's got Down's Syndrome. It's a big extended family get together at my sister Ronnie's community center's park.

Food Diary 8/1

Trying to remember what I ate yesterday. . . . woke up with headache but it went away after a couple hours.

cup of tea with sugar and milk

no walk

Breakfast - nonfat vanilla yogurt with Flax plus cereal mixed in.

Cup of coffe with 2% milk

A whopper jr. for lunch! Only snitched 3 fries from Sean's bag. A med. coke.

afternoon snack - somebody's left over sprite from lunch.

Dinner - ribs baked in barbeque sauce, rice, cantaloupe. Medium portions.

I was going to take Will to his CLC and I was seriously thinking of stopping at Baskin and Robbins and getting a kid's cone of 1 scoop of coffee ice cream. But Hannah took Will.

So I went to bed hungry!