Thursday, August 2, 2007

Food Diary 8/1

Trying to remember what I ate yesterday. . . . woke up with headache but it went away after a couple hours.

cup of tea with sugar and milk

no walk

Breakfast - nonfat vanilla yogurt with Flax plus cereal mixed in.

Cup of coffe with 2% milk

A whopper jr. for lunch! Only snitched 3 fries from Sean's bag. A med. coke.

afternoon snack - somebody's left over sprite from lunch.

Dinner - ribs baked in barbeque sauce, rice, cantaloupe. Medium portions.

I was going to take Will to his CLC and I was seriously thinking of stopping at Baskin and Robbins and getting a kid's cone of 1 scoop of coffee ice cream. But Hannah took Will.

So I went to bed hungry!

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