Wednesday, August 29, 2007


  • Mass with Hannah

  • Circle time - Guardian Angel prayer, Morning has broken, Loch Lomond, All Around the Mulberry bush; bean bag toss counting by two's; jumping rope

  • did first page in her reading book. Copied words lot, got, dot, hot

  • dressed up as gypsies with Hannah

  • listened to Winnie the Pooh cd

  • worked very hard cleaning up her little playhouse downstairs
  • grated cheese for our omelet for dinner
  • I took her out to practice roller blading after dinner


  • First Vision Therapy session - very enthusiastic about it

  • listened in on circle time

  • played lots of gameboy games

  • played over at Jacob's house all afternoon
  • Rick read more Harry Potter to him
  • He is working on doing the 'bridge' that he saw another 8 yo gymnast do.


  • Chess camp

  • Stephen came over to play, lots of chatting between them

  • played new Paper Mario game
  • cracked the eggs and helped make omelet
  • read first chapter in I Marched with Hannibal
  • I read to him from A Boy's King Arthur


  • Cybercamp - Flash Animation
  • CLC meeting tonight


  • Mass with Becky

  • Cleaned room

  • Played with Becky

  • Guitar lesson

  • Read Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know
  • Didn't write her narration, so she's going to do it tomorrow before Spanish class


  • I read more of Sun Slower, Sun Faster. Poor Rickie might have to go home with his dreadful guardians, but I'm sure Dominic will save the day.
  • Everybody was fiddling around with the guitar today, trying to play it. Hannah tightened the strings so much she snapped one. Ah, well.
  • Got everyone to tidy up before dinner


  • Got Sean to VT - read book, 1215, while waiting

  • circle time

  • picked up Josh

  • cleaned basement

  • laundry (2 loads but I didn't put them away)

Two new rules for myself. No computer in the a.m. before I have started laundry. And, no computer in the evening until the kitchen is cleaned.

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