Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday 9/2

We went out to dinner with the Davids last night. Very pleasant. But it resulted in me not being able to get out of bed for 8:15 Mass this a.m. In fact, I wasn't feeling so good so we didn't get to Mass at all this morning, instead:

7:30 woke up, putzed around on internet and drank tea
8:30 made french toast and bacon with Becky helping. Beautiful weather, we ate on the porch.
Talked a lot about the garden.
Did some school planning, cleaned kitchen
Took a shower, planned meals
Becky, Sean and Samir were so cute playing together on the stage downstair. Samir made up a rap song and Sean was break dancing to it. Rick videotaped it. Becky taught herself to do a flip in the air!
Rick did Chemistry with Hannah and Will
I cleaned out fridge a little and then went grocery shopping
Came home and put groceries away. Rick was doing history with Hannah. He found reading about the Battle of Lepanto from the Catholic perspective really interesting.
Went to 5:30 mass; got there 10 minutes late. Sean could not find his sneakers anywhere, finally Rick made him put his loafers that give his feet blisters. Mass was good.
Came home and Rick grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and satays I got from the store. Corn and fruit salad.
Read to Josh a little from King Arthur. He's been really into his Paper Mario game all weekend. I swear when the kids get really into a game their attention span drops dramatically!
Watched Thomas Aquinas with H and W but I kept falling asleep.
Rick is doing history with Hannah now. I'ts 10:36 pm

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