Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday 9/22

Woke early. Did a little work on my other blog. Got dressed and went and got bagels.

Had to go to Virtus training at parish. Left specific instructions for all. Rick is fasting because it is Yom Kippur today.

Virtus was disturbing but I thought very tastefully done. While I was gone J and S had piano lessons.

H went to confession, then read Sir Gawain and then went to choir practice.

When I came home at noon, Rick was out with Becky helping her learn to roller blade. Samir was here and everybody was playing on a different computer/tv. I got tea and decompressed while tootling around the online.

Then I got ready to take S, B and J to bookstore, really just to buy a present for S's friend's b-day party tomorrow. B misbehaved horribly so she had to stay home. Poor H had to take care of her. She got out a volcano kit we got last Chanukah and they painted it. Then she took B to Starbuck's because H's friend K works there now. They wound up taking B to playground. So B learned that if she misbehaves horribly her big sister will spoil her rotten!!!! Anyway, I took S and J to Burger King because they hadn't had lunch and then to B&N where I wound up spending way too much money.

Came home J read, S watched TV, Rick worked all afternoon on bills and such. W played computer games all day practically. I took shower. Then I ordered everybody off screen. W went outside, J was still reading, S was bored but then we started experimenting with the baking soda and vinegar and polymer fake snow. They are still at it having a blast.

H had a babysitting job. Didn't get home until almost midnight.

I cooked dinner for theother kids. Rick and I ate out. Seafood. He wanted a really nice dinner to break his fast. He tried to go to the synagogue but when it got to the Reformed one there was no one there! If Rick really practiced Judiasm, he'd be Conservative. The Reformed branch just makes him shake his head. It is such watered down Judiasm.

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