Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday 9/24

8:10 rosary, H was studying for Spanish test; B woke up late.

At breakfast, H taught us Spanish to help her study. Before this I quizzed her via flashcards on vocabulary. She left to take test.

J and W finished up math homework before tutor arrived.

Circle time with B and S, songs and counting by two's and then 2 times table. S had bad attitude.

B played with pattern blocks; I taught out of LLATL about synonyms and compound words. We review spelling words at whiteboard (S dictated). S very contrary but I kept my patience.

Tutor arrived. Worked with J and W.

Did a couple minutes of form drawing with S and B. I mixed up moveable alphabet letters so B could spell out title of Bob book, Dot and the Dog. Becky did this.

Read The King's Flower by Anno, read a little from Seton Religion 1. S got really into pattern blocks and started making rockets and designs. B did big USA floor puzzle.

Now I need to do VT with S and then work with J. Recorded at 11:05

1:31 Just finished with J, boy was he feeling surly. It took him forever to copy over one sentence from Rolf and the Viking Bow. Then we orally reviewed different sentences types and some synonyms and utterances. He also orally reviewed his spelling list. Now he is reading Rolf and the Viking Bow. He decided he'd rather read that than Beorn the Proud. Before lunch, we did a bit of latin. Reviewing singular and plural adjectives agreeing with their nouns. And he translated 3 sentences. He also read about Attila the Hun from FMMA.

I did do VT with S. He just did his Brock string exercise, arrow chart with metronome and reading two pages in reader using his loose lense.

Now I plan to shower. H and I want to sign up at Curves today.

next a.m. I never finished my journaling yesterday! We didn't go to curves. I was feeling up to it. Had a slow afternoon. I did manage to get some laundry done and tidy up the kitchen somewhat. Made kids do some tidying as well. I think everybody goofed off a lot. B had fun playing at the site. She kept making 'superheroes' and giving them names which I had to spell for her. She printed them out and then pasted them all over her bedroom wall.

We had an early come and get it dinner, leftover chinese, leftover breakfast ham. H made an omelet for those who didn't want Chinese. H, J and I left for RE at church. J and I were a couple minutes late because for some crazy reason I made a wrong turn which put 5 more minutes on our drive and made us a little bit late. We went to Mass first. The 7th grade boys were very rambunctious and talkative but at least they ask lots of good questions. The class got rather chaotic. Tony and I decided we have to be more organized.

On the way home J was saying how much he got out of the class. Then there was silence and then all of a sudden he says "Oh my Gosh!!!!" as if a lightbulb had just gone off. I said 'what?" expecting some profound spiritual insight since we'd been talking about such things, but he said, 'you know how different countries have different kinds of money? And you know about how sometimes there's inflation and sometimes there isn't? Well, you could make money by changing your money back and forth, couldn't you?"

I had no idea where all this was coming from. He was so excited about it. We got home and he immediately asked R about it and yes there is something called 'currency investment' which is based on J's idea. You just never know what a 12 year old is thinking about!!!!

J is reading Rolf and the Viking Bow, R is reading Banner in the Sky to S. I stopped reading Surprise Island to B because we misplaced the book, but then I found it again. H, W and I are all supposed to be reading Sir Gawain.

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