Friday, September 21, 2007

Fun Friday 9/21

Woke late again! I simply can't get up at 6:25 every morning! H and W really surprised me. I came downstairs at 7:30 and they were sitting in the study. They'd gotten up at 5:30, gone to 6:15 a.m. Mass and were back again!

They had to go to Chemistry at 8:30 this a.m. instead of 10 because they were doing some kind of long lab before class.

Sean got up and begged, begged, begged to be able to play some new skater video game that W had downloaded. So I relented and let him. I was still waking up.

Somehow it was after nine and I still hadn't gotten moving. Got everybody up and we all had cold cereal. Then we dressed, got our library books together and set out. Said a decade of the rosary in the car. Went to the library, then starbucks for a snack.

At 10:30 or so we went to the park and met the new No .Va. Waldorf Homeschoolers. I met Rebecca of Today in Faerie School and Kristin who I've been talking to on the Christian Waldorf list for over a year now. Then much to my surprise another Catholic homeschooler came and then another lady came as well. A couple others didn't make it. Very nice group of women. J just read his library books (YuYu Hakusho, graphic novels) but Sean and B played with the other kids. Kristin is going to start up a co-op. It looks like it is going to be two Fridays a month. Each month will have a different focus. October will be nature walks. I volunteered to host baking in January (since my challah success and all the scones I've been baking lately). Kristin said they was one lady who was really good with wool and spinning. Anyway, I'm excited about it!

The weather was absolutely glorious all day. High 70's, clear blue sky, a tinge of fall in the air. When it got to be noon, we skadaddled out of there, drove home, had a quick lunch of ramen noodles and grilled cheese and then went off to tennis.

I had my first tennis lesson. I was seriously afraid I would never even hit the ball, but it was fun! H, W and J were in the next court taking their lessons and would occasionally shout out a teasing remark at me! S and B played with the other kids. They basically played outside with other kids for most of the day! After our tennis class, S had his class so I hung out and gabbed with other moms. H took everyone but J home. He was content to sit in the car and read.

So it was a nice day. Now we are home. Kids are watching TV. I'm about to read Sophie's World to H and W and then I'm going to get my haircut. I'm in the mood for Pad Thai for dinner!

7:27 Read H and W the second chapter of Sophie's World. Got haircut and Pad Thai and other noodle dishes from the Noodle Company. Saw H walking down Church St. with her friend L. It is weird how we are in such a metropolitan area yet this particular town has a cozy, small town feel to it.

9:25 read many library picture books to B and S. J has been reading all day. Read all five graphic novels and is now rereading them all. J practiced piano, S took a bath, B and S both practicing gymnastics and making up dances and cheers. Cheered for me while I tried to clean the kitchen in 10 minutes. I called Will in to help put away pots and pans. Kitchen still only half clean! Rick came home. We said prayers. Rick is fasting for Yom Kippur. I read the story of Jonah from the Golden Bible. Now I'm already in my pjs. Oh, also put on load of laundry. Need to move load and put on another before bed. Rick is reading Encyclopedia Brown to S.

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