Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday 9/29

Didn't journal for Thursday and Friday.

Thursday - woke with migraine. So that really slowed things down. We did a bit of schoolish stuff, then went out to lunch at chick a fila, then ran lots of errands. Gee, my memory is bad. I can't really remember!

Friday - Woke late again! I think I just need sleep right now. Anyway, J went to his new once a month St. George club. He went to 9:00 a.m. Mass and then the club had a meeting with Father Drummond which J says was really cool and interesting but I don't know exactly what they talked about, except Father explained some religious symbolism in art and showed him his cool antique helmet of some sort! After that he went on a hike. The weather was gorgeous. He had a picnic lunch with the boys and we didn't meet up with him until tennis at 1:00 p.m.

B and S - B slept late too. She stays up late in her room playing, coloring, singing to herself and looking at books. Anyway, so I didn't make her get up to go to Mass. We took it easy in the a.m. Didn't do any of our regular stuff. She really wanted to make graham cracker sukkahs but then I discovered I'd forgotten to buy graham crackers! So we dashed to the store and got some and spent the rest of the morning working on that, and making chains out of our leaf prints and rubbings. We cut them out and taped them to yarn and then taped them up around the screen porch, along with our paper chains we'd made Thursday (oh yeah that's what we did Thursday!). The we ate lunch and went to tennis.

H and W - got up at 5:30 went to 6:15 mass and then prayed outside abortion clinic. Came home and went off to Chemistry early because there was something they didn't understand and they were going to ask the teacher about it.

I had my 2nd tennis class. I'm terrible! But I'm still proud of myself for getting out there. But my legs ached!

We came home and I collapsed for a while. B went to play next door at the neighbors. After a while I got up energy and went to sign up at Curves. I'm going to try to work out right after this. S was supposed to go play putt putt golf with his friend Joseph but apparently the lines were so long that they wound up just playing at his house.

In p.m. Rick and I watched more of The Office. I don't know why I am hooked on that show. It is really crude and over the top sometimes and the characters embarrass themselves so excrutiatingly. Rick is always fast forwarding or I'm covering my ears and closing my eyes! So why do I care about these characters?????

Sat. a.m. woke, got bagels for breakfast. W went to help his friend work on his Eagle Scout project. They are making a pathway to the little graveyard behind the church. H is helping out at the crisis pregnancy house with her friend. Good community service hours! Piano teacher should be here in 30 minutes for S and J. B is still asleep. I heard her singing to herself at 10:30 last night. Six years old and a night owl! I really want to go work out at Curves soon. I just realize I have no exercise clothes! I have to figure out what to wear, isn't that crazy?

It is really beautiful out so I'm hoping to do lots of outdoors stuff this afternoon. I kind of want to go the the MD Renaissance Festival but I think the teens wouldn't go.

Update: Rick took J, S and B to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and they didn't get home until 8:30 at night. They had a grand time and all three came back with these wooden swords. H stayed out all day first at Hope House and then helping with the same Eagle Scout project W was helping with. W called me at 6 p.m. asking if he could come home but H stayed out until 10. She wound up going out to dinner and hanging out with a girlfriend.

I relaxed, watched lots of HGTV, decluttered a bit, cleaned the fridge, did some laundry and just relaxed in solitude. It was lovely!

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