Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day, Monday 9/3

Woke up at 5:10 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.

Got up and huddled over cup of tea

Put on laundry

Started working on St. Francis play.

6:30 Becky came downstairs. She'd had a nightmare, wouldn't tell me what it was though. She's like that.

We snuggled and then I read her some of Time Warp Trio. I had never read any of those books before. This one is about Lewis and Clark. She's started trying to pick her own books at the library and this was one of her picks. Pretty awful stuff. Nothinig like turning perfectly good history into twaddle.

7:30 We got dressed and went for a walk. Beautiful rather chilly morning.

Came home. Josh was up and downstairs either watching TV or playing xbox. Becky went down with him for a bit. I worked more on St. Francis play and then published it on my other blog.

Kids came down for breakfast. I made them all get dressed.

Will, Hannah and I went to Mass then Starbucks

Came home and Becky and Sean were watching TV and watching youtube videos of some silly songs Will found via Rick was helping them.

Josh has been reading a lot of I Marched with Hannibal.

Rick started working with Hannah on her history.

I tried to shoo the boys outside for a while but wasn't diligent enough about it and somehow they wound up back downstairs doing yet more screen. Except for Will who put on his ipod and was wandering around the backyard thinking.

The cleaners aren't coming today so I lightly cleaned all 5 bathrooms. Then I got obsessed with cleaning all the fingerprints off various doors.

Rick and Hannah finished the history book and Hannah is writing now. She still has chem to do plus she told me she'd vacuum for me today. She wants to go out with her friends tonight but I don't know. . . .

1:35 Rick and Will are cleaning the aquarium and the rest of the kids are finishing up lunch right now.

Rick just left. He's going to pick up a new Lionfish for the aquarium. Will's going too because he wants Rick to take him to the shoe store to buy him new sneakers. His toes are coming out of his current pair.

Time to move laundry.

Read the study guide to Beowulf and dozed off for a few minutes. While I was napping, Hannah finished her church history narrations (Yippee!!!!) and Rick took the kids out (except Josh who has been glued to the screen all day) to run errands and what not. I really don't know what they are doing except trying to get Will shoes.

Listened to Seamus Heaney's Beowulf and planned lit/history class tomorrow. Made Chicken parmesan and tidied and vaccuumed family room.

It's 6:52 and I hope they get home soon because dinner is ready! And I am tired but want to read Sun Slower, Sun Faster. Hannah and Will still have chemistry homework to do. Josh is setting the table. Hannah got her license back for finishing her history narrations. Now she's taking a quick shower before dinner.

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