Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday 9/18

7:20 woke, alarm went off at 6:25 but I went right back to sleep I guess. Woke up to the back-up beeping of the construction machines outside. Very tired. H was already showered and up. W got up at 7:30. They left for an 8:00 mass at 7:40. They plan to go to Starbucks after mass and finish up some homework they didn't quite get to and quiz each other and then go on to 10:00 class.

We are almost completely out of toilet paper. I think I'll let the little ones sleep late and run right now to get some as well as some of those Pillsbury croissants. We are going to have a French snack today in honor of the Norman Conquest which we're studying in Brit Hist.

Becky lost her tooth last night. First one. Will played toothfairy and swapped it out for a dollar while Becky was sleeping. First tooth gets a dollar, remaining teeth 25 cents. Then Becky got up at 3 a.m. to show me that the toothfairy had come. She was sooooo thrilled.

Went to store to get tp and crescent rolls. Stopped at Starbucks and saw H and W there. Got home, got breakfast going, made phones calls etc. Didn't eat until 9 or after.

Circle time with S and B, did abbreviated VT, S - read two pages from reader, introduced new spelling words, reviewed capitals at begin of sentence and period at end, practiced cursive. B - played matching game with numbers 1 thru 10 and their word names.

J - did some more math investigation, read next chapter in FMMA, we answered workbook questions orally and looked up map locations, review 2nd declension vocab.

Brit. Hist and Lit. - pretty good class. I must be tired cuz I was a little irritated by the constant smarty pants comments. Discussion was pretty good though in spite of it. Have trouble when letting the kids do their research on computer. Sarah and Peter did theirs but no one else. Well maybe Will did.

J - read a lot more of I Marched with Hannibal. B and S played upstairs for quite a while then watched some really dumb movie, Shark Boy or something????

4:11 plans - take shower, put away the many baskets of clean laundry (4 perhaps), read All of a Kind Family at dinner since I didn't this afternoon. Start reading Sophia's world to teens, read King Arthur to Josh, Bible stories to Sean and Surprise Island to Becky.

7:55 Read next chapter of All of a Kind Family and then read first chapter of Sophie's World aloud. It was supposed to be for the teens but Josh and Sean really enjoyed it too.

Read a King Arthur story aloud to J, this time from Howard Pyle.

H and W took it easy. They've had a very intensive 3 days, basically doing schoolwork all Sunday afternoon and late into the night, same with Monday starting early in the a.m. and going until late at night. Then they had chemistry class Tuesday a.m. and Brit. Lit/History all Tuesday afternoon. Time to relax!

After prayers we all went out to try to find the North Star. The stars were very pretty. Rick said we needed to go somewhere darker to see. Will took out a compass and found N but the view was blocked by the house and some trees. I have always been pretty hopeless at figuring out constellations. We might try another way to find true North. But I would like to go out at night somewhere where we could at least find the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and a couple of other ones. I remember when I was little I could sometimes find Orion's Belt.

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