Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 9/11

Said rosary around 8:00 a.m. - sorrowful mysteries. Talked about 9/11 a lot. Hannah and Will were finishing up chem homework and reading Beowulf.

9:00 H and W went to mass and then chem class.

Read next chapter of All of a Kind Family to J, S, B. They are enjoying it.

Josh read ahead in All of a Kind Family, then did a math lesson in Saxon

Circle time with S and B. B would not settle down; very hyper! Counted by 2's to 80

Sean did VT exercises. Read two pages from his new reader, Seton's This is my Neighborhood (I think that's the title). Sean chose the reader.

Sean took his spelling test and got 100% right!

Becky was playing with the wooden marble maze all this time.

We started trying to paint the first day of creation. Sean got perfectionistic on me and too upset to continue. Should I make him???? Josh joined us for the painting part.

S and B played up in S's room for quite a while. I don't know what they were playing. Dancing and doing gymnastics and making up games.

Josh did his spelling.

I read the last 11 pages of Beowulf aloud to Josh. I needed to finish it before the Teen class!

Tidied up family room and prepared for Teen class.

Got everybody lunch. Josh got himself a bagel.

H and W came home and helped tidy up.

After lunch Josh did his Latin.

Teen class went well. We had a good discussion about Beowulf; very interesting! Then we made scones (mostly Katie made them!). The teens then did research for their timelines but Peter and Hannah were the most diligent. The others were kind of half-hearted. Katie tried I think. Will, Sarah and David didn't really try very hard.

After class I collapsed. Everybody watched tv or played video games for the next three + hours. I took a shower during this time. H was actually doing Spanish homework.

Somehow making dinner took a really long time; french toast and sausage. Read the last chapter of Sun Slower, Sun Faster. What a great book!

I have decided to discontinue the Ralph McInerny dvds. I just couldn't do them justice. We'd watch them in the evening and I'd fall asleep. I want to begin reading Sophie's World to the teens. I think once they have an intro to philosophy the McInerny dvds might work better.

Read the next fairy tale to Becky from OM; Dick Whittington and his Cat and read the next day of creation to Sean.

Read some King Arthur to Josh.

Rick is working late so nobody read to Sean tonight. He's been keeping himself occupied by playing the piano and the recorder.

it is now 9:27. I'm already in my pjs. I am really bushed!

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