Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wed. 9/5

Busy day!

6:45 woke, tea, internet not working, unloaded dishwasher
7:35 woke kids
8:10 rosary, then breakfast. Read Sun Slower, Sun Faster
Circle time with B and S. Sean got into it. We tossed bean bag and counted by 2's and 5's to 100.
Becky copied some a words, hat, cat, pat and day, didn't finish other 'ay' words.
Sean did some copywork but was very frustrated by it. We studied spelling words with 'kn'
Josh did Saxon drill sheet and test for 7/6 placement; read first chapter of Famous Men of MA; spent most of morning reading Asterix comics in bed.
Becky and Sean played; Josh and I did some Latin together
Will was running a slight temperature and feel really lethargic and spacey. He did read a couple of pages in his Seton comp book but that was it. We tried to start Artes Latinae but couldn't get it to work. Argh!
Hannah did admin stuff, like search out a SAT prep course and I am not sure what else.
Ate a snack and then went to noon Mass at St. James
On way back stopped at Starbucks (oh dear I spend too much money!)
Becky and Sean watched tv while Josh and I started Classical Writing
Took Sean to VT; Becky came along. I read more of Time Warp Trio but it really wasn't holding her interest.
Came home; guitar teacher was here. Hannah got a hour long lesson because Will was sick.
Took Becky to gymnastics; Sean wanted to come along; turns out there was a boys' class right after Becky's. So Sean tried it out. Both loved it!
Came home. Had made dinner in crock pot but no one ate it but me. Everybody else made due with hot dogs and frozen chicken taquitos.
Will didn't go to CLC.
Let kids watch more tv while I took a shower.
Rick got home; said prayers; Becky's in bed now; Rick is reading to Sean, Encyclopedia Brown stories. Josh is supposed to be reading I Marched with Hannibal but he might be in there with them listening in.
Still to come: watch a little Aquinas and read to Josh.
Then bed; I'm pooped!

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