Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday 9/12

Woke a little late

Had cheese, rolls and juice for breakfast

Said rosary late on porch, beautiful weather, noisy construction

Circle time: said prayer, sang songs, S jumped rope 100 times counting to 100! Becky did 10 cartwheels counting by 10's to 100. Did mental math from MCP for both

S did VT and read two pages from reader. He also did one sentence of copywork which he hated!

Becky concocted her own little science experiment where she sent a marble down three different parts of the marble chutes and then drew pictures of each. She had me mark them quick, medium and slow.

Becky copied over words pay, say, may, jay and hay into her ML book using the Montessori moveable alphabet.

Becky started making shadow puppets from a book.

Josh daydreamed a lot and did a math lesson.

Will worked on his Latin program. Finally got it started thanks to Rick. Will really liked the intro and narrations and the way the program is set up.

Hannah went to 9:15 Mass this a.m. I don't know what schoolwork she did this a.m.

1:27 p.m.- well things have fallen apart a bit! I had planned to go to mass at noon on Wed. but completely forgot about it. We were chomping away when it suddenly dawned on me that we wouldn't be able to receive. But I had also forgotten about the pest control guy coming to kill the bees in our front yard. He showed up at 11:50. That would have been bad if no had been here. Though Hannah would have been here by herself. But how would she have paid? So it worked out for the best.

The bee guy kind of threw us off our rhythm though. But I did get to quiz Josh on spelling, and we did a bit of Latin vocab review using flashcards. Right now he is typing up his draft of his retelling of The Fox and The Crow.

Becky and Sean are playing upstairs.

Hannah has been studying Spanish all day. She has her first test tomorrow.

Will has been working half-heartedly on Algebra II. He said he also plans to do his composition and some of the Chemistry homework before he goes to CLC tonight at 7:30.

Guitar guy comes at 2:30. VT is at 2:30. gotta leave here ten minutes early.

4:00 leave for gymnastics

Does J have chess today?

I forgot to get the chicken out last night to defrost so I could make slow cooker bbq chicken. So we'll have pizza tonight and chicken tomorrow night.

Off to take a shower before we have to leave for VT.

3:49 p.m. Hannah and Will had guitar lessons. Will is thrilled and has been working away at playing since the teacher left. He can't find his Seton comp. book anyway. He did exactly one problem in Algebra II. The tutor isn't coming until next Monday.

Took kids S and B to gymnastics; ran over the grocery store while waiting to pick up stuff for challah bread.

H took J to his first chess club meeting. Only 4 kids total. Have to put out a message to TORCH.

Picked Josh up. H had gotten dinner at Jerry's. Ate dinner then took Will to CLC. H was studying for Spanish and was freaking out. I helped her study using flashcards she'd made up. She still had a bit to do in her lab book.

One problem I really have is getting everyone to bed on time. Rick got home late 8:45 or so. We said prayers, he put Becky to bed and I went to pick up Will. Came home it was almost 9:45 and Rick was still reading to S. Didn't stop until 10:00. So he went late. I read King Arthur to Josh. He went to bed at 10:30. 11:05 shooed everyone else to bed. Don't think I turned out the light until about 11:30 p.m.

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