Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daily Diary 5/31

4:09 p.m

Woke around 7:30. Very slow moving. Did manage rosary around 8:30 by the time we were on the 5th decade everybody had joined us. Had breakfast. Didn't even attempt breakfast school. William was again feverishly trying to finish his math homework. We want summer so badly. He is trying to do more than required just to finish up quicker, but he's also got spring fever badly so he is only getting things done by procrastinating and then working as fast as he can at the last minute.

Math tutor came. Hannah did much better on her test so she is feeling better equipped for it on Saturday.

Josh did Lesson 82 in Saxon, plus the next two sections of his Latin which were derivatives and Roman history. I also read the next chapter in Augustus Caesar's World, all about the death of Herod and the fall of Jerusalem. Very interesting stuff.

Had a terrible time with Sean which inspired post on Dumb Ox which I am still composing.

Becky played all morning. I can't even remember what she did. We finished reading All of a Kind Family last night. Love that book.

Tried to putter around and keep things tidy but fatigue overtook me. I made myself a nice lunch of Thai noodles (package). I was so tired that I called Ioana and asked her to bring me a cup of coffee from Starbucks when she got here. She was bringing Manuel to play with Josh and Sean. In my attempt to cut down on caffeine I only have decaf in the house, but I didn't want to drink anymore tea.

Will quickly wrote his essay on R and G are Dead. Hannah went out earlier to get the solara inspected and bought flowers for the Shakespeare teacher. This is the last class. Then she drove Johnny and Will to class. They are supposed to stop by a friends house and help them move some boxes (getting ready to move down the street).

All the kids played downstairs on the wii while Ioana and I watched the next episode of A History of Britain. I am so enjoying this series, even though I wish Prof. Schama wasn't quite so graphic about certain things. Coffee and tylenol made me feel much better.

Ioana went to a doctros' appt. Becky really wants me to play with her. She's playing on the toy phone and keeps telling me so and so is on the phone or else I have to come up with somebody who's calling her. She's also completely fascinated by jewels today and most of the conversastions have to do with pearls, diamonds and gold. She also is conducting an experiment. She took Rick's meat thermator and stick it in the freezer to see what the temperature was. It went down to 20 degrees.

This evening: movie night. We'll have pizza and subs. I am planning on watching Stagecoach. Josh wants to watch Pirates of the Caribbean II.

Now Becky claims someone has stolen her pearls. She is looking for clues to see who the thief might be.

We never did watch the movies. Somehow after dinner everyone scattered and by the time I came out of my fog, it was already 8:00 pm.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daily Diary 5/30

1:04 p.m.

Woke up about 3:30 a.m. and didn't fall back to sleep until 6 or so. Didn't wake up for real until after 8:00. But! I don't have a headache, so I feel much better than I did yesterday.

Said rosary with Will and Becky.

Had late breakfast on porch. Weather is getting very warm and muggy.

Rick worked at home today. He is out running errands with Sean this right now.

Josh did Lesson 81 in math, some translation in Latin, piano practice.

Sean read 3 word problems using both addition and subtraction and answered them. He worked well. I was impressed by his diligence. Then he got up and announced that since he had read the word problems, he had done his reading for the day. I still want to work more with him on word attack skills.

I read some of Chesterton's Dumb Ox to Hannah, we are barely grasping it. I gave her the Vision book on St. Thomas Aquinas because she really had no clue what was going on in Chesterton.

Will is reading Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and really enjoying it. He e-mailed the teacher to ask if he could write more than a 3 paragraph essay on it. Hannah finished writing one of her extra credit papers. She got Rick to proof it. I didn't read it but he said it was good.

Hannah is working hard on studying for her math subject SAT test but she is getting more and more nervous. She has taken practice tests from several different books, but the current book Barron's is really much harder than the other ones like Princeton and she can not score well at all. Her confidence is very shakey. Her gentleman friend apparently took the same test last year and he said he'd help her study. They are going to see Pirates III this afternoon. I don't know why I consented to letting them go in the middle of the afternoon on a school day. I guess because it really feels like summer now and her friend's high school is out already.

Becky's watching Between the Lions and enjoying it thoroughly. She keeps telling me to watch with her.

Little household things: still need to unload dishwasher. Put on load of laundry this a.m. but need to move it now and put away two loads that are currently thrown on my bed upstairs.

After that I'll read history and science to Josh.

Still need to sign up for the pool. I am hesitant to drive the minivan since the side is bashed in from the accident on Sunday. And Rick and Hannah have the other cars. I don't like being without my minvan! Can't wait to get it repaired. I know it runs okay but it looks awful and you can't get in on one side of it.

Sean went swimming with Joseph. Josh and Will didn't want to go to the playground, so just Becky and I went. Only one other mom was there, but fortunately she had lots of little girls for Becky to play with. I think the other usual folks didn't come because 1)today was pretty hot, though not as bad as they had predicted and 2)pools are open, so I think those who have joined pools would rather go there.

Hannah got back from her movie. She also went to the library and took a College old SAT Subject II Math test. She got a 650 on it, so she decided that Barron's tests are unduly hard. She's feels lots better about taking the test.

Read to Josh.

Watched lecture on Enlightment in Popes and Papacy after dinner with Hannah.

William did lots of math homework and took a test.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daily diary 5/29

Woke with headache. Was all set for it to turn into migraine but it is just hovering there in the background. And I am really sleepy.

Said rosary

No breakfast school because both H and W had math to do and I couldn't find the books and my head was pounding.

Will did math homework

Hannah took practice test.

Math tutor worked with both this a.m.

Sean - did 5 additions problems with three digits; then did reading practice test

Josh - practiced piano, read Investigation 8 in Saxon and did 60 Improper fractions test sheet. I corrected his Test for after lesson 80. Did well. Then he did a bit of Latin (not much). I read some of The Code of Life but got so sleepy I had to stop.

Headache won't go away.

Sean played cards and pick up sticks with Becky.

Becky did a lot of weeding in the garden. She has a new wallet (Will's old one) and is keeping her earnings in there. Very enamored with it.

Put load of laundry away and started new load. Josh did a load of his and Sean's.

During Lunch school my headache and sleepiness overcame me. I managed to read aloud one chapter of Seabird. I also read from the Gospel and Word Among Us. I just couldn't read The Lamb's Supper. I was nodding off.

So I went up to bed to nap. Hannah and Will went to the library and bookstore. Hannah to take another practice math test. The more she takes the worse she does. She's getting nervous because the test is this Saturday. Also they both need to read the play Rosencranz and Guldenstern for their last Shakespeare class on Thursday.

I begged Josh to please keep Becky downstairs so I could nap, but as is usual the minute I started to drift off she came in and woke me up. I got mad! I got her a snack, read everyone the riot act and went back to bed. Just as I was drifting off again, the cat started scratching at my door. There is no rest for the weary, so I got up. Came downstairs, had a cup of tea. The others were still down in the basement watching TV. I watched another episode of A History of Britain. All about colonizing America, Barbados and India.

Played crazy eights with Sean and Becky. Read to Becky for a little bit then I literally fell asleep on the couch with the kids running in and out all around me.

Later, Josh and Sean weeded some. We have what I think is Greenbrier growing all over the bushes in the front yard. I helped a bit. Felt better after my nap. Headache is almost gone. It is 6:19 p.m.

Going to tidy up some and then make French toast for dinner.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Decluttering and other household issues

I am tempted to try a modified Flylady approach. I have been trying to declutter these last couple of days and it is dreary work. Her idea of just doing a bit a day really makes sense, except that you have to keep at it and it takes much longer to see any satisfying results.

Yesterday, due to the meal moth invasion I cleaned through one side of the pantry and threw out all my grains. I have been putting cereal in plastic bins so they were okay. But I filled a big trashbag that was too heavy for me to lift by myself! And that was just half the pantry! I still need to do the second half of it. I think this afternoon I'd like to go shopping for me (I desperately need a couple pairs of jeans sans holes in the knees! I look like a bag lady!) and for lots of plastic containers. I need them to keep the moths away.

I also went in to the laundry room in the evening when they seem to like to come out in full forced and killed about 30 of them with my fly swatter. Shudder, shudder, shudder. I never thought moths could creep me out so.

Today because the cleaners were coming (they are here now) I finished decluttering the corner of the master bedroom that I started on a few days ago and never got back to. I will admit some of the stuff got shoved in the closet. I cleaned that closet out over my spring cleaning binge and now it is already getting junked up again.

I also picked through lots of little things that were on the floor in our room and the halls, mostly old shoe boxes or bags of stuff that had never been put away. So I tidied that up a bit. Looks better now!

I also attacked the crib in Will and Becky's room. It was full of junk! I told Martha that Rachel could have the crib if she wanted. I attach an inordinate amount of sentimental value to that crib as all 5 children slept in it. But if Rachel needs a crib, she may have it. I was on a roll in their room, so I also picked through all the stuff that had gotten thrown into Becky's dollhouse and the play castle. And then I tidied the top of William's dresser.

I do need to do lots and lots of laundry. I noticed that everybody's hampers are full to brimming. I really want to establish certain times for tidying rooms and doing laundry. I keep trying to make it room tidying time in the morning just when we get up, but I am too preoccupied with other things to supervise and everybody just seems too bleary eyed and in need of waking up to do their chores. So the kids don't take me seriously about it because I never follow through on it.

I am thinking that maybe we should have tidy up time after morning studies and before anyone can escape outside or do their own thing.

We need to have set laundry days too. I did this once before and it worked for a while and then as with all things, we fell out of the habit.

William mowed the lawn. He found a baby box turtle. We all examined it and then I released out in our woods.

Josh and Sean need to weed like crazy but I am letting them rest up from yesterday. And it looks like it may storm now anyway.

Right now Rick is out getting lunch. I am going to put on a load of laundry.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday morning thoughts 5/26

Help! I don't feel motivated to do anything! I have been putzing around the internet for the last couple of hours. It has drained me of any motivation! I did run to the bagel place and get breakfast. I also packed a lunch for William. He went to do service work for the Mothers of Charity downtown.

Yesterday and the day before he talked of being a priest, but this morning he had decided on being lawyer. Ah, the vagaries of a soon to be 15 year old boy!

I didn't get anything done on my to do list yesterday, except schoolwork. So I think I'll bite the bullet and get busy. First, I'll say a rosary. Then I'll tidy up a bit. Then I'll hop in the shower. Afterwards I'll go sign up for the pool.

Okay, here I go!

Update! Well, I got completely sidetracked by planning for British Lit. I watched 3 hours of the video we'll be using The History of Britain, put out by the BBC and the History Channel. It is very engaging but a little over the top in filming style. Lots of gruesome close ups of actors pretending to be dead after a gory battle. Lots of silly camera angles and jittering shots of things. It is like the film maker felt the need to sex things up to make them interesting and got a little silly about it. But other than that, it is quite good. Professor Schama who narrates is very good.

I did manage to clean out one and only one pantry shelf. I also managed to do a bit of laundry. I did give the kitchen a thorough cleaning in the a.m. though by the p.m. you couldn't tell one bit.

One lovely thing is that lots of new books for next year have been arriving. I found an old plastic milk crate and have stored them all in there.

Then at night all the other kids settled in to watch a Harry Potter movie, so I went to the bookstore and bought the following:

Paradise Lost by John Milton
The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis
Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain
Gulliver's Travels by Johnathan Swift
The Story of England by Christopher Hibbert
A Little History of the World by E. H. Gombrich
British Kings and Queens by Mike Ashley
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Even though this is Saturday's entry, I am posting it Sunday morning. Time for Mass!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Diary 5/25

I realize I need to be less longwinded in these entries. Even I get bored reading them!

8:06 a.m.
Woke at 5:30 a.m. W. and H. and I all went to last 6:15 teen Mass. It was wonderful. Had breakfast afterwards.

Today I want to get schoolwork done with J (Math, Latin, Science) and S (especially! Math, test practice, reading aloud to me). Will is going to try to do loads of Algebra this a.m. Hannah is working on math and writing extra credit papers for Shakespeare.

Things to do today: 1) called Dr. A and make appointment. 2) register for pool 3) keep working on cleaning bedroom (20 min) 4) have kids clean out car 5)have J and S work on weeding garden 6) tidy laundry room.

Teen tennis at 1:00 p.m. J and S tennis at 3:00. Track practice at 5:30? We haven't been making it there lately.

12:42. p.m. I have been really tired today. Definitely got up too early.

This a.m. I wrote up an e-mail to send out to the high school group about the Brit. Lit and History course. Took me forever with many interruptions, then I discovered it had two typos in it after I sent it. Arghh!

Josh did a little bit of Latin and took a test in math. Sean did a practice math test from the back of one of the MCP math lessons. Then he did three more reading test practice questions. Becky has just been playing all morning or watching tv. Hannah took another practice SAT II math test. Then we watched the next lecture in Popes and Papacy about the Reformation. Prof. Noble rocks!

Will worked on his math homework off and on all morning in between playing his latest computer game.

Hannah and I made quesadillas for lunch. Now teens are off to tennis. I am going to take a nap then read Josh science then take the younger kids to tennis.

9:58 p.m.
I did get a nap in after lunch. I have been reading the Princess Bride for my light reading, and enjoying it very much. That was the first movie Rick and I ever saw together.

Got up just in time to get S and J to tennis. Talked with Helen and other moms. There might be a co-op in the fall after all. S wound up going to Joseph's house to play and Manuel wound up coming home with me, J and B.

I didn't get anything done today that I wanted to! H. went shopping all afternoon. W. came home played his new computer game. Boy, is he hooked. B. watched educ. tv. I don't know what I did!

Drove H to her event at Trinity High School. Phil is driving her home. I just didn't want a newly driving 16 yo girl driving around late at night so I wouldn't let her drive herself.

Stopped by Whole Foods and picked up dinner. Came home and Rick and I ate on the porch. The kids came and got their own dinners and watched cartoons.

Josh read his book; Rick read Harry Potter to S. I read All of a Kind Family to B. I forced Will to get off his computer game and go take a shower. I picked out some books he can choose from to read. I just hate it when the kids are in front of a screen for hours and then don't bother to even read before bed.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily Diary 5/24

10:34 the a.m. so far

woke late - bad night

blogged about confirmation

made scrambled eggs and hot rolls for breakfast and ate on the porch. Weather is beautiful. Rick joined us.

Read next chapter in Seabird and reviewed 20 states and capitals flashcards.

Took shower

Becky, Sean and Josh are all out playing outside in the wading pool and on the swing set. I don't have the heart to interrupt. Since we don't have chess this afternoon, I think we'll do whatever school seems to fit with the flow of the morning but really focus on it this p.m.

Sean is so excited about the pools opening this weekend.

Becky is begging to begin her Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue book. I got it for next year. She already got into the MCP first grade math book and did about 8 pages in it! So while they are playing outside I am going to look through it and see if I can't set up the first lesson.

Math tutor is here working with Hannah. Rick helped Will a bit with Algebra homework.

Will is now telling me about the essay he is writing on Hamlet's To Be or Not To Be soliloquy (due via e-mail by 2:00 p.m.). This is the last homework assignment for Shakespeare! Yippee!

I have about 4 loads of laundry to put away. So I'll do that and then plan LLATL.

4:56 p.m. Put lots of laundry away this a.m. Also started cleaning through extremely cluttered corner of bedroom where everybody dumps things. Only partially got through it, but enough to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Josh spent his morning looking through his Legoland book which inspired him to start designing a city complete with sewer system.

Can't really remember what Sean did this a.m. Played outside; played with Becky and I am not sure what else. They wanted to play with the sprinkler system in the front yard but couldn't get it to turn on. I think the water was shut off for the winter.

Lunch - learned about transitive passive in grammer. Also read a tiny bit from The Lamb's Supper.

Hannah and Will both wrote their Hamlet essays and got them in on time.

Sean and Becky watched some tv. Vaguely educational. Hip Hop Harry might be the name???

Josh did Lesson 79 in Saxon. He also did the beginning section of the next lesson on Latin. 3rd declension neuter, using flumen as model. We finished up Famous Men of Rome, Yippee! I think I am going to make one post here just a list of stuff we actually finished this year. One thing I am going to do is make up flashcards with the important dates and review that way.

Josh and Sean got invited over to a friend's house for the late afternoon evening. They live a good 25 minutes away. I don't think I'll be picking them up until 8 or so.

Just got home, made dinner. My own creative version of something: take defrosted cubed round steak (Rick always says this is mathematically confusing!) brown it in olive oil add in a container of portobello mushroom soup, some beef broth, a container of mushrooms, sprinkle liberally with onion salt and then dump in a small can of tomato paste just cuz it needs something! cover with foil and place in oven at 325 degrees for a couple hours. We'll see how it turns out. I promised Miss Becky the potato lover I'd make her mashed potatoes.

Okay, I am going to ask the teens to clean this incredibly messy kitchen for me.

Becky is going through the hats and mittens in anticipation of going to Alaska this summer.

Oh Becky just got asked to play over at our neighbor's house. Oh well, I am going to get that LLATL lesson ready for her while she's gone.

I tried to finish this post last night at about 10:30 but somehow it the changes weren't saved. Anyway:

Becky and I did do two lessons in the LLATL before dinner. We also went on a little walk up and down the street.

Will cleaned the kitchen for me. He is being very good. He also unloaded the dishwasher for me while I was gone picking up Josh and Sean. And he took out the trash. Love it!

Will did some math homework too with Rick. Josh came home and read some of his Vision book: My Eskimos.

I realize I didn't do a lick of schoolwork with Sean all day.

Hannah went to Irish Step class; came home and did laundry.


Confirmation went wonderfully last night. Rick, Josh and I attended. Got sitter for the youngest two. Hannah was Will's sponsor.

Bishop Loverde gave his Confirmation speech; much the same as the one he gave for Hannah's confirmation. But it is a very effective, straight on talk about the Culture of Death.

It took an hour and 1/2 - not just the talk, but the whole ceremony. It was rather warm in the church which was full to capacity. Anyway, afterwards, Rick who had come right from work and hadn't eaten any dinner, wanted to go home. So he and Josh went home after congratulating Will. I stayed and ate too much cake!

Will was in 7th heaven. He was so excited and happy. He kept saying that he was the most blessed person ever and why did God choose to be so good to him when he didn't deserve it. The line to take pictures with the bishop was incredibly long so we decided to not even get in it. An hour later the line had dwindled. I was chatting with Sister Anne and we were marveling at how cheerful the bishop was after standing there for an hour smiling for pictures. Sister Anne said that he is a real 'people person'. Finally, Bishop Loverde called out "Anyone else for pictures?" I waved at him wildly, then quickly assembled Hannah and Will. Martha took pictures of us all up with the Bishop. He was joking around with us about new fangled digital cameras. William thanked the Bishop for his talk and said it made an impression on him and Bishop Loverde said, "Good! Don't ever forget it!" And Will promised that he wouldn't.

I left after that. Hannah brought William home. This was just before 11: 00 p.m. I gave Will his presents. He got an ikon of St. Paul and a St. Paul cross. I also gave him the audio book Language of God by Collins. I want to listen to it too! Hannah gave him a card with the Novena to St. Paul which he started to say. He had been wanting to do a Novena for some reason. Not sure. He was so hyped up. He's got big plans for the summer, not only does he want to learn to play the guitar and to do flash animation, but he wants to start reading the Bible from cover to cover or probably a guided abridged version of such and he decided that he wants to keep studying Latin over the summer. We didn't get very far this year with Henle. I think I am going to order Artes Latinae. The problem was that I don't know much Latin myself so I was trying to learn it alongside him but I was distracted by all my other duties, I really couldn't apply myself the way I should have. Artes Latinae is a self teaching computer course the equivalent of 1 high school year of Latin. So we are going with that. I'll learn Latin slowly with Josh instead.

We all slept in this a.m. Some are still sleeping! I had a terrible night and was up a lot between Becky wetting the bed, my heartburn and the cat needing to go out at 5:00 a.m. I didn't get a lot of sleep.

The math tutor is due here at 10:00 and Will hasn't got his homework done. Hopefully, he'll do some this morning but I'm letting him off the hook about it. He couldn't concentrate yesterday and he is still wound up today.

Anyway, I don't feel like being rigid about getting stuff done today. So I think we'll just get done whatever, whenever.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Diary 5/23

Woke late! No walk.

Created new blog here.

Rosary with just Josh and me.

Breakfast out on porch

Breakfast school -Read next chapter of Seabird and did some mapwork; reviewed twenty states and capitals flashcards, read a little about Confirmation from St. Joe's catechism.

Took shower (really need to NOT take these in the middle of the morning). Kids played outside. Hannah took shower and is taking a SAT Subject practice test for math. Will is wandering around saying that he is going to do 1/2 a lesson of math before lunch. I think occasionally he stops wandering and does a problem or two before getting up to wander around some more.

Josh practiced piano; did a little bit of Latin in workbook. I checked his math. He kept messing up on exponents. He kept multiplying by the exponent instead of realizing it was how many times the base number was multiplied by itself. So we reread lesson 78 and went through the practice set. Now he's working on Lesson 79.

Sean did three subtraction problems with zeros and borrowing. He got them right. Then we did 3 reading questions in the practice test workbook. He really needs some intensive phonics review. I'd been doing that with him before Christmas, but then reading clicked and we have just been reading every day with a little bit of a reminding nudge from me when he gets stuck on a word. Lately, I have been noticing that his word attacks skills have plateaued, yet the vocab is getting a little harder. So I think I need to systematically review a bit with him. Need to figure out how.

Becky played outside and then on Noggin.

Much of morning was spent trying to get a sitter for tonight while we are at William's Confirmation. Finally, got Tim Corey. He'll watch Becky and Sean. They are just too young to sit through a long confirmation at night. I have to pick him up at 6:15. So I think this afternoon will go like this:

lunch and lots of studies.

3:15 leave for homeschool recess

5:00 get fastfood for dinner

6:15 pick up Tim

7:10 or so be at church to get parking.

I think either Rick or I will leave early after ceremony to come back and put Becky and Sean to bed.

So far, at lunch did some grammar (intransitive complete and transitive active) plus we reviewed phonograms flashcards that I found.

Hannah and I watched the next lecture in Popes and the Papacy on Renaissance Culture. Very interesting. I don't know how Professor Noble keeps all the names and dates straight! Hannah then went to chiro and to locksmith. Something to do with car keys.

Josh finished up his math.

Kids watched a little tv and played a bit on the computer. Becky played out in the wading pool. William is very spacey today. Not doing his math very well at all.

I planned some for British lit for next year.

Went to homeschool recess. Kids played in the playground. Had fun talking to other moms. Came home and cleaned kitchen. Hannah went to Jerry's to get dinner.

I have a headache. Advil time!

Daily Diary 5/22

No breakfast school
Becky did some math from new 1st grade math book

Sean practiced 3 digit subtraction with borrowing, needs to practice more; very resistant.
Sean did CAT reading practice test – struggled with it.

Josh practiced piano; page of cursive
Lesson 78 in Saxon

Lunch out/Meadowlark gardens: Spent about an hour strolling through Meadowlark gardens. We saw a Canada geese couple with three baby goslings; tadpoles and a bird (a rather drab brown bird about the size of a starling?) hunting them. We saw fish. Barn swallows pirouetting in the air. A Mallard duck couple coming in for a landing on one of the ponds. Lots of robins. We also saw some beautiful mushrooms. Sean wanted to see the old springhouse and explained to us all how they used to use springhouses instead of refrigerators. Becky got exasperated because she said she already knew about springhouses. But I said we should let him tell us because he found it so interesting. We got some milkweed seeds to plant to attract Monarch butterflies. We went through the shade garden and it inspired me to plant ferns in my new Mary garden.

We are doing screen/quiet time from 2 to 4. At 4 I’ll do whatever remains of school for Josh and Hannah. 5:00 we’ll do some major weeding/gardening.

Josh did a good job weeding. There is still lots to be done.

Studies still to be done:
Josh- Latin with mom; discuss science over dinner w/ punnett squares (didn’t get done); read next Roman Emperor(Constantine. Only one more chapter to go!); read Aug. Caesar’s World (didn’t get to this.)
Will reads Catechism on Confirmation (tomorrow?)
Hannah church history – watch lecture and read more Dumb Ox -done

Dinner is baked chicken drumsticks, boiled potatoes and salad.

Watched Captains Courageous for movie night. Only Josh stayed and watched the whole thing. Hannah wrote some for extra credit paper for Shakespeare then spent all evening im’ing friends. Will pretty much played his new computer game for hours.

Will put away his and Becky’s laundry. Josh and Sean put away theirs. Started ours, need to move it before bed.

New blog for me

Well, my other blog at has been down for over a day. Horrors! I can't stand not having a blog! But I have been toying with the idea of getting another blog anyway. One that would be just a simple diary of daily happenings as well as my attempt to be a better organized household manager. The other blog, Dumb Ox Academy, would be a more general blog on homeschooling, religion and learning.

I do hope that Andrea and Ron, the good folks that give us homeschooljournal will be able to fix the problem. I have been blogging there for a year now. It is my home!

So here's my first post at Household Diary. I am going to figure out settings and such.