Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Diary 5/25

I realize I need to be less longwinded in these entries. Even I get bored reading them!

8:06 a.m.
Woke at 5:30 a.m. W. and H. and I all went to last 6:15 teen Mass. It was wonderful. Had breakfast afterwards.

Today I want to get schoolwork done with J (Math, Latin, Science) and S (especially! Math, test practice, reading aloud to me). Will is going to try to do loads of Algebra this a.m. Hannah is working on math and writing extra credit papers for Shakespeare.

Things to do today: 1) called Dr. A and make appointment. 2) register for pool 3) keep working on cleaning bedroom (20 min) 4) have kids clean out car 5)have J and S work on weeding garden 6) tidy laundry room.

Teen tennis at 1:00 p.m. J and S tennis at 3:00. Track practice at 5:30? We haven't been making it there lately.

12:42. p.m. I have been really tired today. Definitely got up too early.

This a.m. I wrote up an e-mail to send out to the high school group about the Brit. Lit and History course. Took me forever with many interruptions, then I discovered it had two typos in it after I sent it. Arghh!

Josh did a little bit of Latin and took a test in math. Sean did a practice math test from the back of one of the MCP math lessons. Then he did three more reading test practice questions. Becky has just been playing all morning or watching tv. Hannah took another practice SAT II math test. Then we watched the next lecture in Popes and Papacy about the Reformation. Prof. Noble rocks!

Will worked on his math homework off and on all morning in between playing his latest computer game.

Hannah and I made quesadillas for lunch. Now teens are off to tennis. I am going to take a nap then read Josh science then take the younger kids to tennis.

9:58 p.m.
I did get a nap in after lunch. I have been reading the Princess Bride for my light reading, and enjoying it very much. That was the first movie Rick and I ever saw together.

Got up just in time to get S and J to tennis. Talked with Helen and other moms. There might be a co-op in the fall after all. S wound up going to Joseph's house to play and Manuel wound up coming home with me, J and B.

I didn't get anything done today that I wanted to! H. went shopping all afternoon. W. came home played his new computer game. Boy, is he hooked. B. watched educ. tv. I don't know what I did!

Drove H to her event at Trinity High School. Phil is driving her home. I just didn't want a newly driving 16 yo girl driving around late at night so I wouldn't let her drive herself.

Stopped by Whole Foods and picked up dinner. Came home and Rick and I ate on the porch. The kids came and got their own dinners and watched cartoons.

Josh read his book; Rick read Harry Potter to S. I read All of a Kind Family to B. I forced Will to get off his computer game and go take a shower. I picked out some books he can choose from to read. I just hate it when the kids are in front of a screen for hours and then don't bother to even read before bed.

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