Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daily Diary 5/31

4:09 p.m

Woke around 7:30. Very slow moving. Did manage rosary around 8:30 by the time we were on the 5th decade everybody had joined us. Had breakfast. Didn't even attempt breakfast school. William was again feverishly trying to finish his math homework. We want summer so badly. He is trying to do more than required just to finish up quicker, but he's also got spring fever badly so he is only getting things done by procrastinating and then working as fast as he can at the last minute.

Math tutor came. Hannah did much better on her test so she is feeling better equipped for it on Saturday.

Josh did Lesson 82 in Saxon, plus the next two sections of his Latin which were derivatives and Roman history. I also read the next chapter in Augustus Caesar's World, all about the death of Herod and the fall of Jerusalem. Very interesting stuff.

Had a terrible time with Sean which inspired post on Dumb Ox which I am still composing.

Becky played all morning. I can't even remember what she did. We finished reading All of a Kind Family last night. Love that book.

Tried to putter around and keep things tidy but fatigue overtook me. I made myself a nice lunch of Thai noodles (package). I was so tired that I called Ioana and asked her to bring me a cup of coffee from Starbucks when she got here. She was bringing Manuel to play with Josh and Sean. In my attempt to cut down on caffeine I only have decaf in the house, but I didn't want to drink anymore tea.

Will quickly wrote his essay on R and G are Dead. Hannah went out earlier to get the solara inspected and bought flowers for the Shakespeare teacher. This is the last class. Then she drove Johnny and Will to class. They are supposed to stop by a friends house and help them move some boxes (getting ready to move down the street).

All the kids played downstairs on the wii while Ioana and I watched the next episode of A History of Britain. I am so enjoying this series, even though I wish Prof. Schama wasn't quite so graphic about certain things. Coffee and tylenol made me feel much better.

Ioana went to a doctros' appt. Becky really wants me to play with her. She's playing on the toy phone and keeps telling me so and so is on the phone or else I have to come up with somebody who's calling her. She's also completely fascinated by jewels today and most of the conversastions have to do with pearls, diamonds and gold. She also is conducting an experiment. She took Rick's meat thermator and stick it in the freezer to see what the temperature was. It went down to 20 degrees.

This evening: movie night. We'll have pizza and subs. I am planning on watching Stagecoach. Josh wants to watch Pirates of the Caribbean II.

Now Becky claims someone has stolen her pearls. She is looking for clues to see who the thief might be.

We never did watch the movies. Somehow after dinner everyone scattered and by the time I came out of my fog, it was already 8:00 pm.

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