Friday, June 1, 2007

Daily Diary 6/1

12:50 p.m.

Woke late again. Lots of insomnia. Could it be the small coffee I had at 4 p.m. yesterday? Read lots of Salvation is From the Jews. Light finally woke up Rick so I turned it off and tried to sleep.

Anyway, very slow moving. Didn't say rosary yet, but I am determined to right after this. Didn't have breakfast until 10:00 but did manage to read a little bit of Seabird, review 20 states and capitals and add in 5 more. We also reviewed transitive and intransitive and active and passive verbs. We also reviewed predicate nominative and predicate adjective from Rex Barks.

Becky has been darling all day. She has been playing with her stuff rabbit named Sally, her stuffed dog named Rex (where'd she get that name?) and various baby dolls. She has been busy making beds for them out of old easter baskets and amazon boxes and feeding them. In between these activities she and the boys played a lot with the baby gerbils. We did change the bedding in the cage which hadn't been changed in 2 weeks and was rather smelly, but we had read that is wasn't good to change the bedding until the gerbils were a little older. The kids love those gerbils like crazy. I am alway in fear for their lives, that Becky will squeeze one just a little too hard or Sean will drop one.

Will was very spacey this a.m. Since he was just sitting around playing computer games, I asked him if he couldn't sit with Sean for a bit while I played with Becky. So Will helped Sean learn some simple geometry from MCP. Then I sat and went over a reading test practice on identifying how to make nouns plural. I had never even taught him this. I do like those test prep books because they boil down the essence of what you need to know.

Josh practiced piano and did a section of his Latin lesson. We are on the second to last lesson in the book! Yippee! He needs to do his math now.

Hannah and Will just left for tennis and then Hannah has to go right to her Irish Step Recital practice in Manassas.

Things I am detemined to finish in the next two weeks:

The Holling C. Holling Geography Unit - we are about halfway through the final book, Seabird.

The Lamb's Supper - I read a big chunk of this at lunch. If I read consistently, we'll be done in a week. This was started as Lenten reading! Now Easter season is over and I am still reading it.

Saxon Algebra I - Will is just a couple of lessons short of finishing the entire book! He should be done in a week.

MCP Math - I am skipping around a lot in this book for Sean but I hope to finish covering all the concepts presented in it.

Schola Latina Book I - Josh can do one lesson this week and one lesson next and he'll be done!

The Code of Life - only a couple of chapters to go.

Things that will likely continue on through the summer:

Hannah's Church History lessons - we are still reading the Dumb Ox and watching the lectures, though we have picked up the pace a bit, it will still stretch out through the summer. I also need to order the lecture series from International Catholic U. on Thomas Aquinas.

Geometry - after Hannah takes this level II SAT math test tomorrow morning, she'll just have to make sure she knows enough geometry to warrant her credit. So she is going to test herself through Teaching Textbook Geometry and then teach herself when she gets to whatever she doesn't yet know.

Josh won't finish his math - I am just going to have him do as many lessons (5) each week and then stop on June 18th, but he had the idea that he would read through the concepts part of the remaining lessons just so the terms at least would be familiar to him when he starts 7/6 next September.

I think we will continue the States and Capitals til we finish, however long that might take. Also I think we might do a smattering of grammar from Rex Barks.

Will is still reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but not very quickly. He really is spending way too much time playing video/computer games and is so spacey lately, it is a bit frightening. I need to talk to him about sensible limits.

Hannah also has been reading very slowly the Vision book on St. Thomas. She needs to be more diligent about that.

Josh picked up one of the Great Brain books and is enjoying that.

Rick still reading Harry Potter to Sean. They are really moving through the whole series quite quickly. Rick spent 2 hours reading aloud to Sean last night.

I re-read Raggedy Ann stories to Becky. We are both a little sad because All of Kind Family is finished.

Oh, goody! A package just arrived with all the British Lit study guides I ordered. Have to go look through them. I feel the planning for this class is coming along well.

9:17 p.m.

Took the boys to tennis at 3:00. Sean wound up going swimming with Joseph. Went to IHOP for dinner. Rick met us there. Hannah got back safely from her long drive to the dress rehearsal but now she is out again buying tights for the performance tomorrow. She needs to get home and sleep because of her big test tomorrow at 8:00.

Just put Becky to bed. She's listening to Vivaldi's Ring of Magic. As soon as Rick stops reading to Sean, we are going to try to watch Stagecoach together. But I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake long!

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