Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Daily Diary 6/19

I keep starting daily diaries and then not finishing them. They sit in the draft file here. Let me see if I can recap M and T:

Window guys showed up unexpectantly M morning. They worked noisily all Mon and Tues. But now we have nice new windows in our house. They look great! No more bugs crawling through cracks or heating/air conditioning the outdoors. And we have windows that actually open! Yippee!!

But that put all on CAT testing plans on hold. So today I plan to:

1) Administer tests to all the kids (except) Becky. While H and W are at morning mass, I'll plop Becky in the tub (she's in dire need of a bath) to play while I test Sean and Josh. When H and W get home the three youngers can play while I test W and H.

Then in the afternoon we'll do some more. H and W can occupy Becky while I test J and S. Then they'll all have quiet time and I'll test H and W. Hopefully we'll repeat this pattern tomorrow as well and get all the testing done in two days. It's still more leisurely than when they do it at school all in one day.

Phone calls to make:

Make appt w/ vet for cats

Make dentists appts.

Make dr. appt for Sean, J and B

Order Artes Latinae if its out yet (DVD form)

Order Schola Latina II

Order Thomas Aquinas course from Catholic International U.

Order Jason Project

Vow: keep screen time to 3 hours! One for tv and two for internet/games

Friday we're having a birthday bash for Hannah's friend Katie (surprise party!) and Will as well (early b-day party; they both have same birthdate 6/29).

Rick is home from CA late tonight.

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