Monday, June 11, 2007

Daily Diary 6/11

Very busy weekend. Didn't journal it at all. Probably healthy for me! LOL!

Anyway, was supposed to get up early this a.m. and take minivan in to body shop but slept in and couldn't get moving. So I was an hour late. Nobody seemed to mind though. Now for the next 2 weeks I'll be driving a Dodge Caravan. Stopped at Starbucks and got a skim latte. Hmmm. Delicious.

Must. Lose. Weight!

Today: cleaners are coming at noon. Everbody is sleeping in late except Will who is doing his last math homework of the year for his math tutor who comes around 10. I'm going to get everybody up and we'll spend this a.m. tidying and weeding. (I HATE WEEDS!).

After lunch we'll have quiet time because I need to nap. Then we'll do a couple hours of studies. And maybe even finish up by finally getting our pools passes. But maybe not. We'll see how smoothly things go.

So that's the plan.

7:36 p.m.
Well, I don't know where the morning went. I didn't get much done. Will completed Saxon Algebra I. He got a 97 on his last test. Yippee! So he's officially completed grade 9. Hannah is on her own now for Geometry. She did a bit on it.

Josh was really, really cranky. He has been reading nonstop to the point where he stays up way late, gets up too early and snaps at everyone who interrupts his reading. So I told him it had to stop. Can't believe that. This is the kid who didn't start blending words until after he was 9 years old. And now I am telling him he has to stop reading! He is reading all the Artemis Fowl books plus rereading the Spiderwick series.

We cleaned up the sitting room downstairs. It was postively gross. Then I made the boys put their laundry away which had been sitting in a laundry basket for about 4 days.

Cleaners came and the house looks good now. Hannah went to noon Mass by herself.

Hannah and I watched the next lecture in Popes and Papacy on Vatican II. I got my order from Live Ed so I spent the rest of the afternoon ignoring my children and reading through that. Then I made up lessons plans for Sept. to Dec. for both Oak Meadow for Becky and Live Ed for Sean. Put that on Dumb Ox. Becky played next door. Sean watched too much tv and was very very bored. Josh stayed up in his room and read. Hannah and Will went to the mall.

Now they're home. Will spent money on a new Nintendo DS game but now can't find his Nintende DS. He is walking around the house despairing. Hannah just left again to go to babysit for someone her friend usually babsits for but couldn't for some reason tonight.

Josh did a lesson in math. But that's it.

Josh, Sean and Becky are playing out in the backyard. The weather has been lovely today.

I would like to take a walk with Rick later this evening. He's on his way home.

Had broiled cod fillet with butter and lemon, cous cous, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots for dinner. Ate on the porch. So nice out. A/C is very weak. Repairman is coming on Friday. Hopefully, the weather will be nice until then so we are sweltering.

Becky knew where Will's Nintendo was! Isn't that funny. Now he's happy.

Okay, I do hope tonight I sleep well. I want to get up and have breakfast school and all the usual school stuff. Gotta get this year wrapped up. Slowly but surely we are getting there but it is like pulling teeth.

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