Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Diary 6/26

2:00 p.m.

So far today:

woke early, put on laundry, unloaded dishwasher, said my rosary. Made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then I snuck into the shower. Made lunch for the boys (Josh helped). and off we went to Music camp. On the way home got a starbucks latte!

Got home @ 10; cheated a bit and wrote e-mail to someone while Will and Becky were playing hide and seek. He'd been watching her while I was gone.

Then Becky and I cleaned through her draws and put her outgrown clothes in 'give away.' We cleaned through hers and Will's closet as well. Very satisifying! After that, Becky wanted to put on a show for me downstairs in the basement. Very cute and sweet. Looonnngggg though! Will played his new computer game he's obssessed with then finally went out and mowed the lawn. He got everything done except inside the fence of the backyard. Becky and I cleaned up the backyard and played out on the fort but then I realized I was late to pick up the boys. We raced there and were the very last folks to pick up their kids. Yikes! Came home. Everybody's in front of some screen or other. It is 95 % out. I told Will to finish mowing tomorrow morning.

I forgot I was having omelets for dinnner tonight. But I made eggs this morning and I can't stomach the idea of having eggs twice in one day. I haven't even cleaned up from breakfast yet.

The kids are hooting and hollering downstairs over something. Gotta go see what it is! Oh they are watching America's Funniest Home Videos.

I didn't realize it but Will read the latest Bunnicula book this a.m. I thought he was playing on the computer the whole time. I am limiting everyone to 3 hours daily for the summer. He's done two already. Now he's walking around bored.

I am going to go read and then take a little nap maybe. We are heading off to Target this afternoon for sundry items. That's our big outing for the day!

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