Monday, June 18, 2007

Daily Diary 6/17


Plans for the day - Will is starting his self-imposed summer schedule. He got himself up at 7:30 and lifted weights for a few minutes. Came down and ate breakfast, is now reading the Bible. he and Hannah are going to Mass at 9:15 He'll tidy his room this afternoon and start his CAT. Also he really needs summer shorts and shirts. he's outgrown all but a couple of them, so he's wearing the same clothes day after day. So I think I hit Target this p.m.

My plans are:

For Sean - shower (he's doing that now) tidy room, put laundry away, begin CAT. Lunch School (to finish up what we didn't on Friday) then he goes to his last Blue Knights meeting at 1:00 p.m.

For Josh - shower when he wakes (he stayed up late reading Dragon Chronologies); tidy his portion of room, last Saxon Math test, plus lots of reading in history by me to finish those subjects up. He can hang out in the afternoon. He can come with me target shopping today if he wants to. Practice piano.

Hannah - Mass at 9:15 then come home and start on her CAT. She needs to also work on her geometry and we need to watch what I think is the last lecture in the Popes and Papacy. She needs to finish the Thomas Aquinas book. She also needs to work on cleaning her room. It's terrible!

Wish I had something planned for Becky. Need to occupy her while testing the older kids and finishing up school work. Hmmm. That might throw a monkey wrench into neatly made plans.

Dinner is French Toast and sausage and fruit. Nice and simple!

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