Sunday, June 3, 2007

weekend diary 6/4

It has been a busy weekend. Hannah had her Irish Step Dance recital last night and it was quite complicated getting all the way to Manassas and back. The air conditioning didn't work at the recital hall so it was very hot. But her friends Katie, Lizzy and Phil came so that was nice. She danced very well. Then we went out to dinner. Didn't get in until very late.

Got up early and off to 8:15 mass. Then breakfast. At 1:00 I had to volunteer for the Junior Olympic track meet. J and S weren't in it. It was really raining and the temperature has really dropped from 90 degrees yesterday to 65 today. I got to help out in the press box making ribbons up and sorting them out for the different teams. There was a nice sense of comraderie among all the women. Track is fun! I think the two coaches that run it do a spectacular job. It is a very involved thing to run, yet they do it simply out of generousity.

Need to plan meals and go shopping now.

Sunday - spaghetti carbonera (at Sean's request), garlic bread, salad

Monday - ham steaks, potatoes, veggies, apple sauce

Tuesday - beef-za, rolls, salad, apple sauce

Wednesday - bbq chicken, rice, veggies

Thursday - broiled fish, cous cous, veggies, cantaloupe

Friday - new pizza night!

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