Monday, June 4, 2007

Daily diary 6/4

Another headache morning. Though I am feeling better now. Bad night of sleep too. Let's see what my energy level is today!

Math tutor can't come today; her son has a stomach flu. So I have decided to use the morning to run errands. I also have to be at the auto body shop at 1:00 to get an estimate. At the same time Lulu's mom is coming over so she is going to stay and watch Becky and Lulu and she's bringing her older son who likes to hang out with Will and Josh. After she leaves though about 3:00 or so, I want to hunker down and do a little school work, just so we keep on track for finishing up in a couple weeks. Sean has Blue Knights. Hannah has chiro.

Will has math and his final take home Shakespeare test.

Hannah has Shakespeare as well as Church History with me.

Josh - math and Latin, plus Caesar Aug. World and Code of Life.

Sean - maybe some kind of a math facts game played with an older sibling. Maybe a modified version of War. He needs math facts practice. Also some reading/LA test practice.

List of errands: dry cleaners, get rest of pool pass pictures taken, visit payless shoe store. Kids all need sandals. Will needs to mow the lawn but alas it is another rainy day. I hope he can do it before Wed. as that is our First Holy Communicants sundae party for the homeschool group!

4:11 p.m.
Managed only to get a the book A Latin-Centered Curriculum (is that the right name) to another homeschooling mom who is on partial bedrest during pregnancy. She wanted to borrow it. I got lost getting to her house. Then we got our passport photos taken. WooHoo! Another step closer to Alaska. Then we rushed home, kids ate lunch. I went to auto body shop for estimate. Thank goodness for ins.! I had to wait 1/2 hour for the estimate so I ran to the dry cleaners, then to the party store to get decorations for the First Holy communion party, then to Tara Thai because I was starving by then and craving Pad Thai! Took that carry out. Went back and finished up with the auto shop, went home and ate. Carol was here with her kids. Chatted with her. I love her, she is stitch and she has a masters in Russian lit. Talked about living in the Soviet Union, The Master and Margarita, etc. She is fun!

After she left, Hannah and I watched next lecture in Popes and Papacy all about Pius IX and the first Vatican Council.

Yuck! Just found a deer tick on my stomach! Will tried to get it off with a credit card but when that wasn't working I called Rick like a baby. he told me to put oil on it and then pull it out with tweezers. It worked but then somehow I lost it while trying to flush it down the toilet. Yikes. A deer tick loose in our house. I am so scared of Lyme's Disease!

Anyway, right now I am going to put Josh to work on his math and Latin, and Sean to work on his math and LA test prep. Becky is taking a bath. Don't know what Will and Hannah are doing.

6:05 p.m.

Josh has done math and is about to practice piano, then we'll do Latin while I prepare dinner. Sean and I played math facts war and he also did two sections in his language arts test prep. One on phonics and the other on rhyming words. Hannah is starting dinner.

Josh did get his Latin done. Hannah went to evening Mass. I wound up cooking whole different dinner because I couldn't find the bacon. I bought bacon yesterday but its gone missing! Isn't that weird. so we had ham steaks, boiled potatoes, left over fruit salad and applesauce.

I wasted lots of time surfing the net. The house is a mess. I am tired. I really, really want to sleep well tonight. I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I am going to take a little walk right now. Maybe that will help. I'll take the heartburn medicine before I walk and then advil before I sleep. That should cover all my aches and pains!

I want to be in bed by 10:30 reading Gaudy Night!

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