Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daily Diary 6/12

12:50 p.m

Woke about 6:00 slept pretty well. Becky crawled into bed at some point.

Got up; made tea; surfed the net. Sean woke up pretty early. We decided to go to Starbucks and get treats. However, the traffic was horrible due to rush hour and lots of construction plus a broken telephone pole. So we wound up going to Dunkin' Donuts instead. Then I had to take a very roundabout way home. By the time we got home Rick had already left for work. I never know what time in the morning he's going to leave; could be 8 could be 10.

Took shower. Everyone eventually woke up. Said rosary @ 10 or so.

Then did some work with Josh and Sean. Hannah went to Mass at 9:15 and didn't get back until later.

Josh: Lesson 87 in Saxon, translation in Schola Latina; I read to him last chapter in Code of Life (yippee) and next chapter in Augustus Caesar's World (on India). Then he did one exercise in Test Prep book on LA.

Sean: did several pages on fractions in MCP and then did one painful page in Test Prep on reading comprehension.

Will entertained BEcky for a while then gave up and she's spent an unhealthly amount of time in front of the tube; Sean joined her when he was done.

Hannah's been reading St. Thomas book

It's lunchtime now. Manuel is coming over to play soon.

More later!

Read the next chapter of Seabird. Hannah and I watched next lecture in Popes and Papacy on Paul VI. I love prof. Noble.

Went grocery shopping. Here are our meals for rest of week:

Tonight: Sphaghetti Carbonara, garlic bread and green salad

Wednesday: Chicken Piccata, rice, veggies

Thursday: Picnic sandwiches, fruit and Riverdance!

Friday: Pizza night

We are being very Italian this week!

Becky and Sean are both intrigued by the whirlpool tub since Rick used it for his sore back over the weekend. We hardly ever use it. But both Becky and Sean tooks baths today in it.

Got Dorothy L. Sayers dvd set by BBC. If Rick gets home early enough maybe he'll watch it with me.

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