Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Daily Diary 6/5

I actually slept last night! I couldn't fall asleep until midnight, but I actually had unbroken sleep from midnight until 7:00 a.m. That hasn't happened in at least two weeks! I feel human!

I did a bad thing and let Becky watch cartoons while I have been checking e-mail, reading blogs and yahoo lists and now typing this. But I am going to stop after this cartoon is over, tidy up kitchen and then get kids up for rosary.

We are definitely doing Breakfast school. Seabird and mapwork; States and Capitals; The Lamb's Supper.

At lunch we'll do Rex Barks.

Same old, same old: Josh does math, Latin, Piano, history and science this a.m.

Hannah and I will do Church history and Chesterton.

Sean - LA test prep and some math.

Will ???? he should work on math.


Well, breakfast school didn't go well. I lost my temper badly. The kids were squabbling in such an ugly fashion and I seem to have no patience with rudeness or disobedience. It really upset me because I was all set to have an enjoyable day. And most of the morning I spent sulking.

We did say our rosary, everyone but Hannah made it down. I read The Lamb's Supper a bit. It was ironic because I had just finished reading something about how we need to root out those 7 deadly sins. Then we started on the State Capitals and that is when everything went south.

Josh did math and piano. Sean took forever to answer 6 questions on reading comprehension. He has really been out of control so far this week. Didn't get to math with him.

Becky was cute. She put on a little show for me down on the basement stage. Hannah read a little bit of Thomas Aquinas but mostly she showered and then IM'ed her friends. Grrrrr.

Will mowed the lawn with some nagging from me.

Lunch - read 3 chapters of Seabird and we did some mapwork. Didn't get anything else done. I just feel so defeated by bad attitudes.

I read the next chapter of The Code of Life to Josh. Think there is just one more.

Hannah and I watched Pius X on Popes and Papacy. Hannah is finally warming up to the subject. She had a vague interest before but she is really interested in Popes during WWI and WWII. So that was good. William spent a lot of time looking for his Shakespeare test and not doing his math.

I just bellowed at William to stop playing on the computer and get some work done. He's looking for Hannah's test so he can photocopy it.

Josh still needs to do his bit of Latin. Then I am thinking I'll focus on cleaning up for the party tomorrow. Tonight we''ll have movie night, I think. The kids want to watch either Batman Begins or The Music Man. I want to watch the 1986 French Therese. I can't remember if it is good for kids.

10:42 p.m.
Josh did his Latin after dinner. I don't think Hannah has really been reading Thomas Aquinas at all. Will did his Shakespeare test. Started his math at 10:00 about and is working on it with Rick right now.

Movie night didn't work out so well. We couldn't find either of the movies we wanted to watch for a long time. So we started late. Youngers watched The Music Man downstairs but that is the long movie so they didn't get to see all of it. Hannah started watching An Affair to Remember then Will found Batman Begins which he wanted to watch, but Hannah wouldn't let him. Then about an hour into the movie she got a phonecall from a friend and very graciously told William he could watch his movie; she'd lost interest in hers. Of course it was too late to start a movie! She was gabbing quite a long time with her friend. Probably about boys. Something's up it seems.

Rick ordered pizza since our dinner food didn't look too appetizing being about two hours old. So while everyone snacked on pizza I read the next chapter of Aug. Caesar's World about the Silk Road.

I didn't watch Therese, I was too caught up in reading Mark Shea's blog!

Housekeeping: Put on a load of laundry and earlier in the evening, we did tidy up the family room a bit. Also cleaned up the sitting room downstairs which was quite gross.

Tomorrow there is still a good bit of cleaning to be done. I think we are taking a day off of formal school to prepare for the party and then have the party and then go to the park to play. It'll be a fun day. I feel very burned out right now.

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