Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daily Diary 6/21

I am a day behind. I thought yesterday was 6/19 but it wasn't!

Anyway, did get testing started yesterday.

H and W did two sections

Josh did 3

Sean did 2 1 LA and 1 math. He is so hard to test. He gets himself worked up incredibly and will NOT listen. Ugh. it is painful. All my other kids have no trouble with testing but Sean can not handle it at all.

Did manage to keep screen time down quite a bit.

It's already 10:21. Rick's flight was delayed 5 hours so he didn't get in until this a.m. at 6 or so. Poor guy is sleeping in. He has a conference call at 1 or something he needs to be up for. H and W went to mass. I'm letting the little ones watch tv downstairs just to keep them quiet. Couldn't stand cereal another morning and didn't feel like dirtying any pans so I drove to bakery and got scones and muffins.

After H and W get home I want to launch into testing. Get lots of that done this a.m. and early afternoon. 3:00 or so I'd like to go to Farmer's Market and library. Becky wants to get Mrs. Piggle Wiggle out on tape so she can listen to that again.

8:03 p.m.

Didn't get started on testing stuff until after 11:00 a.m. W and H did two sections. S struggled through part of one but was so panicked. He couldn't remember how to read simple words like 'with' Arghh, very excrutiating.

At lunch read some of The Lamb's Supper and then some more Sun Slower, Sun Faster. Wonderful book!

After lunch J did two sections.

Tomorrow is the surprise party for Katie at lunch. The whole morning will be spent cleaning and preparing, soooooo we'll just finish up the testing on Sat. a.m.

Around 4 or so we finally went to the library. Farmer's market was closed but got a good haul of books. J found another Bunnicula book. He's reading it right now.

Came home, was irritated with teens because I'd asked them to clean the kitchen. Made salmon cakes (I thought they were delicious but no one else ate them) plus fish sticks for the kids who I knew were going to reject the salmon, bought delicious cheddar cornbread at bakery. Plus steamed green beans and tomato slices. I thought it a very nice supper but no one else ate much.

Rick and I watched the first episode of Have His Carcase. Very entertaining.

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