Monday, July 2, 2007

Things to do list 7/2

1) Read

2) shower (Becky get a bath a.m. early p.m.)

3) run to store for lunches (on the way to camp)

4) Rosary

5) Boys to camp (is Sean sick or has it passed???)

6) Weeding

7) meal planning/grocery shopping with Becky

8) which computer will be the Latin one for Will?

9) Hannah must read her Church History - a lot!

10) pick up J (& S?)

11) Quiet time - more reading or nap?

12) hair cuts and shoes

13) Laundry

14) Tidy up - remember focus on hygiene also finish B & W's room

15) See if we can tell male and female gerbils apart - got to give away this week

16) Read Sun Faster, Sun Slower at dinner or sometime

17) Mail B's birthday invites.

18) Make dinner

Okay today has felt like I haven't gotten much done so let me think about what I have done:

1) Showered and Becky got a bath. J and H took showers.

2) Hannah just took all the kids to get haircuts

3) Finished cleaning Becky and Will's room (deep cleaning) and Will went through his dresser and put outgrown clothes in give away.

4) Kept tabs on Will's computer time

5) Got nap in!

6) Remembered to defrost the steaks for dinner!

7) Tidied up sitting room a tiny bit.

8) Read some to Becky

9) J and S have been playing tennis and ping pong a lot today.

10) H took W, S & B to Mass this a.m. while I took J to music camp. Sean was sick last night so he didn't go, but it turned out it was just one of his sick headaches.

11) Unloaded dishwasher and loaded with dirty dishes

12) H did some reading in her church history

13) Mailed most of b-day invitations

14) said rosary this a.m. on the porch to the roar of bulldozers in the backyard.

15) J weeded a bit

16) S got stung twice, nursed him back to health!!!!! Took a while!

Right now I am going to put laundry away. I will read Sun Slower Sun Faster at dinner.

So it was actually a really good day so far. It's just in the afternoon I got all lightheaded and shakey, like I was coming down with something. So I have been really sedentary for the last couple of hours.

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Willa said...

That light-headed thing happened to me the other day. Is it something to do with time of life, do you think? My brother has Migraine-related Vertigo -- he gets the vertigo without the head pain. Maybe your dizziness might be a manifestation of your migraines?