Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Food Diary 7/25

a.m. cup of tea with sugar and milk

Starbucks - tall skim latte and reduced fat blueberry coffee cake.

Lunch - achhh! Quarter pounder with cheese and a coke (but I didn't eat any fries!)

afternoon snack - leftover baked apple pie from MacDonald's later at the pool I finished up Becky's lemon Italian Ice which is think is worth 1 point weight watchers.

Dinner - 2 small drumsticks, a medium portion of mashed potatoes, some baby carrots and a few grapes.

But I didn't have any milkshake for dessert!

Not a good eating day, I know. Tomorrow I hope to get up and walk. Today I had a headache and had to get Becky to her gymnastics camp.

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