Monday, July 30, 2007

Mount Vernon Sweep

I started doing a major decluttering a couple weeks ago. I started 7/21. I thought it was a lot longer than that. Wow, now I feel like I am actually accomplishing something, though I'm still going slower than I thought. I haven't finished the upstairs.

What I've done so far:

Cleaned around the sink area in the master bathroom sink. The shelves above the sink and the medicine cabinets. I also went through junk in the black container and also through clothes piled up.

Still need to: take shower doors to dump or for special collection. Clean through box of sundry stuff like old files, mail, curriculum, magazines, bits and pieces of toys. Tidy bookcase.

I don't think I'm going to tackle the closet much. I just cleaned it out during the spring and while it isn't perfect, it's okay for now.

I also cleaned off Rick's and my dresser. My dresser still has area of containers that are just holding sundry junk, but I can't stop and do such minutae. It just takes too long. I also cleared the desk and beside tables. Today I cleared off the chair.

I still need to tackle the corner by the desk.

Things done in boys room: closet, dresser, beside table and bookcase cleared. Toys cleared through, but not the toy drawers. Cleaned up under the beds.

Cleaned through linen closet. cleaned out junk sitting in hall way.

Got 3 bags to Good Will. Now have back of mini-van full of give away bags and boxes.

Tomorrow I hope to clean out the upstairs hall bathroom and get stuff to Good Will.

Wednesday, start on Hannah's room.

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