Thursday, July 26, 2007

Food Diary 7/26

Got up this a.m. and took an hour long walk. Really felt good about it. I'm down to 164.5 from 167 last week.

a.m. - had cup of tea with milk and sugar; english muffin and nectarine. Remembered to drink water.

had several tortilla chips the kids were munching on midmorning.

Lunch was out (I'm eating out an awful lot this week!). I had the trio salad at The Corner Bakery. Scoop of tuna, tomato - mozzerella and pasta, and green salad with dressing. I have no idea how fattening it was but it was delicious! Oh and I only ate half the roll and didn't use any butter. Also had large ice tea with lemon and honey.

p.m. snack - a handful of almonds and a glass of Zinfandel when a friend came over.

dinner - pot roast cooked in mushroom sauce - small portion. Unfortunately had two medium servings of rice with same mushroom gravy. It was yummy, if I do say so myself. Also had a handful of baby carrots. and a few grapes.

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