Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Food Diary 7/31

a.m. cup of tea w/ sugar and milk

walked for 30 minutes. weighed myself 164 lbs. I thought I had gained because I really ate poorly the last couple of days, but I still seem to be losing. It is really the walking that does it and maybe just trying to control portion size (though I'm not always successful).

Breakfast - part of a nectarine. The nectarines have been delicious so far but this one simply had no flavor so I couldn't eat it all. Bowl of Stonyfield non fat French Vanilla yogurt. Very yummy stuff. Mixed in some organic Flax Plus cereal. Made a surprisingly satisfying breakfast. Managed to cook Rick scrambled eggs and eng. muffins without snitching any.

I have been doing lots of laundry this a.m. Already drank another cup of tea and a cup of coffee.

For Lunch I'm having left over proscuitto and pasta - small portion and maybe some baby carrots.

I did many loads of laundry and cleaned out the hall bathroom. I also typed up a draft of decluttering systems for my household control journal that I've been working on.

I didn't snack at all yesterday afternoon. Wahoo!

For dinner - had 2 small slices of ham. a few bites of corn, a handful of grapes. Got hungry and ate a handful of almonds and a tiny sliver of apple pie.

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