Sunday, July 22, 2007

Menu week of 7/22 - 7/28

Sun. L - hoagies, chips, fruit
D - skirt steak in wine sauce; salad, corn on the cob

Mon. B - smoothies; fruit, cereal and milk
L - hoagies for kids; salad and lean turkey
D - chicken parmesan; garlic rolls; salad

Tues. B - cereal with milk; fruit, french toast (frozen) for kids
L - soup and bread; or pb&j and fruit
D - omelets, cornbread, fruit salad, baby carrots

Wed. B- smoothies; cereal with milk, english muffins
L - salad with with hard boiled egg; grilled cheese; fruit
D - slow cooker pot roast; rice, tomato slices; zucchini

Thurs. B - cereal with milk; fruit, eggs and bacon
L - soup and bread; or chicken nuggets and french fries
D - prosciutto and pasta, salad, cheese breadsticks

Fri. B - smoothie; english muffins, fruit
L - salad with tuna; tuna or pb&j, fruit
D - pizza

Sat. B - bagels and cream cheese
L. - hoagies
D - chicken drumsticks, veggie, boiled red potatoes

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