Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily Diary 5/24

10:34 the a.m. so far

woke late - bad night

blogged about confirmation

made scrambled eggs and hot rolls for breakfast and ate on the porch. Weather is beautiful. Rick joined us.

Read next chapter in Seabird and reviewed 20 states and capitals flashcards.

Took shower

Becky, Sean and Josh are all out playing outside in the wading pool and on the swing set. I don't have the heart to interrupt. Since we don't have chess this afternoon, I think we'll do whatever school seems to fit with the flow of the morning but really focus on it this p.m.

Sean is so excited about the pools opening this weekend.

Becky is begging to begin her Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue book. I got it for next year. She already got into the MCP first grade math book and did about 8 pages in it! So while they are playing outside I am going to look through it and see if I can't set up the first lesson.

Math tutor is here working with Hannah. Rick helped Will a bit with Algebra homework.

Will is now telling me about the essay he is writing on Hamlet's To Be or Not To Be soliloquy (due via e-mail by 2:00 p.m.). This is the last homework assignment for Shakespeare! Yippee!

I have about 4 loads of laundry to put away. So I'll do that and then plan LLATL.

4:56 p.m. Put lots of laundry away this a.m. Also started cleaning through extremely cluttered corner of bedroom where everybody dumps things. Only partially got through it, but enough to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Josh spent his morning looking through his Legoland book which inspired him to start designing a city complete with sewer system.

Can't really remember what Sean did this a.m. Played outside; played with Becky and I am not sure what else. They wanted to play with the sprinkler system in the front yard but couldn't get it to turn on. I think the water was shut off for the winter.

Lunch - learned about transitive passive in grammer. Also read a tiny bit from The Lamb's Supper.

Hannah and Will both wrote their Hamlet essays and got them in on time.

Sean and Becky watched some tv. Vaguely educational. Hip Hop Harry might be the name???

Josh did Lesson 79 in Saxon. He also did the beginning section of the next lesson on Latin. 3rd declension neuter, using flumen as model. We finished up Famous Men of Rome, Yippee! I think I am going to make one post here just a list of stuff we actually finished this year. One thing I am going to do is make up flashcards with the important dates and review that way.

Josh and Sean got invited over to a friend's house for the late afternoon evening. They live a good 25 minutes away. I don't think I'll be picking them up until 8 or so.

Just got home, made dinner. My own creative version of something: take defrosted cubed round steak (Rick always says this is mathematically confusing!) brown it in olive oil add in a container of portobello mushroom soup, some beef broth, a container of mushrooms, sprinkle liberally with onion salt and then dump in a small can of tomato paste just cuz it needs something! cover with foil and place in oven at 325 degrees for a couple hours. We'll see how it turns out. I promised Miss Becky the potato lover I'd make her mashed potatoes.

Okay, I am going to ask the teens to clean this incredibly messy kitchen for me.

Becky is going through the hats and mittens in anticipation of going to Alaska this summer.

Oh Becky just got asked to play over at our neighbor's house. Oh well, I am going to get that LLATL lesson ready for her while she's gone.

I tried to finish this post last night at about 10:30 but somehow it the changes weren't saved. Anyway:

Becky and I did do two lessons in the LLATL before dinner. We also went on a little walk up and down the street.

Will cleaned the kitchen for me. He is being very good. He also unloaded the dishwasher for me while I was gone picking up Josh and Sean. And he took out the trash. Love it!

Will did some math homework too with Rick. Josh came home and read some of his Vision book: My Eskimos.

I realize I didn't do a lick of schoolwork with Sean all day.

Hannah went to Irish Step class; came home and did laundry.

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