Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daily diary 5/29

Woke with headache. Was all set for it to turn into migraine but it is just hovering there in the background. And I am really sleepy.

Said rosary

No breakfast school because both H and W had math to do and I couldn't find the books and my head was pounding.

Will did math homework

Hannah took practice test.

Math tutor worked with both this a.m.

Sean - did 5 additions problems with three digits; then did reading practice test

Josh - practiced piano, read Investigation 8 in Saxon and did 60 Improper fractions test sheet. I corrected his Test for after lesson 80. Did well. Then he did a bit of Latin (not much). I read some of The Code of Life but got so sleepy I had to stop.

Headache won't go away.

Sean played cards and pick up sticks with Becky.

Becky did a lot of weeding in the garden. She has a new wallet (Will's old one) and is keeping her earnings in there. Very enamored with it.

Put load of laundry away and started new load. Josh did a load of his and Sean's.

During Lunch school my headache and sleepiness overcame me. I managed to read aloud one chapter of Seabird. I also read from the Gospel and Word Among Us. I just couldn't read The Lamb's Supper. I was nodding off.

So I went up to bed to nap. Hannah and Will went to the library and bookstore. Hannah to take another practice math test. The more she takes the worse she does. She's getting nervous because the test is this Saturday. Also they both need to read the play Rosencranz and Guldenstern for their last Shakespeare class on Thursday.

I begged Josh to please keep Becky downstairs so I could nap, but as is usual the minute I started to drift off she came in and woke me up. I got mad! I got her a snack, read everyone the riot act and went back to bed. Just as I was drifting off again, the cat started scratching at my door. There is no rest for the weary, so I got up. Came downstairs, had a cup of tea. The others were still down in the basement watching TV. I watched another episode of A History of Britain. All about colonizing America, Barbados and India.

Played crazy eights with Sean and Becky. Read to Becky for a little bit then I literally fell asleep on the couch with the kids running in and out all around me.

Later, Josh and Sean weeded some. We have what I think is Greenbrier growing all over the bushes in the front yard. I helped a bit. Felt better after my nap. Headache is almost gone. It is 6:19 p.m.

Going to tidy up some and then make French toast for dinner.

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