Thursday, May 24, 2007


Confirmation went wonderfully last night. Rick, Josh and I attended. Got sitter for the youngest two. Hannah was Will's sponsor.

Bishop Loverde gave his Confirmation speech; much the same as the one he gave for Hannah's confirmation. But it is a very effective, straight on talk about the Culture of Death.

It took an hour and 1/2 - not just the talk, but the whole ceremony. It was rather warm in the church which was full to capacity. Anyway, afterwards, Rick who had come right from work and hadn't eaten any dinner, wanted to go home. So he and Josh went home after congratulating Will. I stayed and ate too much cake!

Will was in 7th heaven. He was so excited and happy. He kept saying that he was the most blessed person ever and why did God choose to be so good to him when he didn't deserve it. The line to take pictures with the bishop was incredibly long so we decided to not even get in it. An hour later the line had dwindled. I was chatting with Sister Anne and we were marveling at how cheerful the bishop was after standing there for an hour smiling for pictures. Sister Anne said that he is a real 'people person'. Finally, Bishop Loverde called out "Anyone else for pictures?" I waved at him wildly, then quickly assembled Hannah and Will. Martha took pictures of us all up with the Bishop. He was joking around with us about new fangled digital cameras. William thanked the Bishop for his talk and said it made an impression on him and Bishop Loverde said, "Good! Don't ever forget it!" And Will promised that he wouldn't.

I left after that. Hannah brought William home. This was just before 11: 00 p.m. I gave Will his presents. He got an ikon of St. Paul and a St. Paul cross. I also gave him the audio book Language of God by Collins. I want to listen to it too! Hannah gave him a card with the Novena to St. Paul which he started to say. He had been wanting to do a Novena for some reason. Not sure. He was so hyped up. He's got big plans for the summer, not only does he want to learn to play the guitar and to do flash animation, but he wants to start reading the Bible from cover to cover or probably a guided abridged version of such and he decided that he wants to keep studying Latin over the summer. We didn't get very far this year with Henle. I think I am going to order Artes Latinae. The problem was that I don't know much Latin myself so I was trying to learn it alongside him but I was distracted by all my other duties, I really couldn't apply myself the way I should have. Artes Latinae is a self teaching computer course the equivalent of 1 high school year of Latin. So we are going with that. I'll learn Latin slowly with Josh instead.

We all slept in this a.m. Some are still sleeping! I had a terrible night and was up a lot between Becky wetting the bed, my heartburn and the cat needing to go out at 5:00 a.m. I didn't get a lot of sleep.

The math tutor is due here at 10:00 and Will hasn't got his homework done. Hopefully, he'll do some this morning but I'm letting him off the hook about it. He couldn't concentrate yesterday and he is still wound up today.

Anyway, I don't feel like being rigid about getting stuff done today. So I think we'll just get done whatever, whenever.

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