Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Diary 5/23

Woke late! No walk.

Created new blog here.

Rosary with just Josh and me.

Breakfast out on porch

Breakfast school -Read next chapter of Seabird and did some mapwork; reviewed twenty states and capitals flashcards, read a little about Confirmation from St. Joe's catechism.

Took shower (really need to NOT take these in the middle of the morning). Kids played outside. Hannah took shower and is taking a SAT Subject practice test for math. Will is wandering around saying that he is going to do 1/2 a lesson of math before lunch. I think occasionally he stops wandering and does a problem or two before getting up to wander around some more.

Josh practiced piano; did a little bit of Latin in workbook. I checked his math. He kept messing up on exponents. He kept multiplying by the exponent instead of realizing it was how many times the base number was multiplied by itself. So we reread lesson 78 and went through the practice set. Now he's working on Lesson 79.

Sean did three subtraction problems with zeros and borrowing. He got them right. Then we did 3 reading questions in the practice test workbook. He really needs some intensive phonics review. I'd been doing that with him before Christmas, but then reading clicked and we have just been reading every day with a little bit of a reminding nudge from me when he gets stuck on a word. Lately, I have been noticing that his word attacks skills have plateaued, yet the vocab is getting a little harder. So I think I need to systematically review a bit with him. Need to figure out how.

Becky played outside and then on Noggin.

Much of morning was spent trying to get a sitter for tonight while we are at William's Confirmation. Finally, got Tim Corey. He'll watch Becky and Sean. They are just too young to sit through a long confirmation at night. I have to pick him up at 6:15. So I think this afternoon will go like this:

lunch and lots of studies.

3:15 leave for homeschool recess

5:00 get fastfood for dinner

6:15 pick up Tim

7:10 or so be at church to get parking.

I think either Rick or I will leave early after ceremony to come back and put Becky and Sean to bed.

So far, at lunch did some grammar (intransitive complete and transitive active) plus we reviewed phonograms flashcards that I found.

Hannah and I watched the next lecture in Popes and the Papacy on Renaissance Culture. Very interesting. I don't know how Professor Noble keeps all the names and dates straight! Hannah then went to chiro and to locksmith. Something to do with car keys.

Josh finished up his math.

Kids watched a little tv and played a bit on the computer. Becky played out in the wading pool. William is very spacey today. Not doing his math very well at all.

I planned some for British lit for next year.

Went to homeschool recess. Kids played in the playground. Had fun talking to other moms. Came home and cleaned kitchen. Hannah went to Jerry's to get dinner.

I have a headache. Advil time!

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