Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Diary 5/22

No breakfast school
Becky did some math from new 1st grade math book

Sean practiced 3 digit subtraction with borrowing, needs to practice more; very resistant.
Sean did CAT reading practice test – struggled with it.

Josh practiced piano; page of cursive
Lesson 78 in Saxon

Lunch out/Meadowlark gardens: Spent about an hour strolling through Meadowlark gardens. We saw a Canada geese couple with three baby goslings; tadpoles and a bird (a rather drab brown bird about the size of a starling?) hunting them. We saw fish. Barn swallows pirouetting in the air. A Mallard duck couple coming in for a landing on one of the ponds. Lots of robins. We also saw some beautiful mushrooms. Sean wanted to see the old springhouse and explained to us all how they used to use springhouses instead of refrigerators. Becky got exasperated because she said she already knew about springhouses. But I said we should let him tell us because he found it so interesting. We got some milkweed seeds to plant to attract Monarch butterflies. We went through the shade garden and it inspired me to plant ferns in my new Mary garden.

We are doing screen/quiet time from 2 to 4. At 4 I’ll do whatever remains of school for Josh and Hannah. 5:00 we’ll do some major weeding/gardening.

Josh did a good job weeding. There is still lots to be done.

Studies still to be done:
Josh- Latin with mom; discuss science over dinner w/ punnett squares (didn’t get done); read next Roman Emperor(Constantine. Only one more chapter to go!); read Aug. Caesar’s World (didn’t get to this.)
Will reads Catechism on Confirmation (tomorrow?)
Hannah church history – watch lecture and read more Dumb Ox -done

Dinner is baked chicken drumsticks, boiled potatoes and salad.

Watched Captains Courageous for movie night. Only Josh stayed and watched the whole thing. Hannah wrote some for extra credit paper for Shakespeare then spent all evening im’ing friends. Will pretty much played his new computer game for hours.

Will put away his and Becky’s laundry. Josh and Sean put away theirs. Started ours, need to move it before bed.

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