Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend 9/15 - 9/16

Saturday was busy, up to get bagels, shopping for Rosh Hashanah, came home and cooked Tzimmes.

J and S had first piano lessons after summer break. Mr. Sylvanis was excited about Sean. Good ear,lots of native talent. Sean enjoyed it. We'll see!

Folks came over about 1:30. We had roast chicken, Susan made a brisket, tzimmes, mashed potatoes (couldn't find boxed potato kugel anywhere!), apples and honey and cantaloupe. For dessert we had honey cake, baklava and coconut macaroons. My challah turned out really well!

After everyone left, I collasped for a good long while. Watched Messiest House in America. Read a good bit of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Rick helped W with Algebra II. H went to planning party for homeschool high schoolers.

Sunday - didn't get the kids up in time for 8:15 mass. H was singing the Alleluia too. So we missed that. We all went to breakfast at the restaurant and then off to 10:00 mass. Ran into fellow I'm supposed to coteach with on Mon night RE. We really haven't done any prep. We've kind of come up with our own plans, so he's doing the Bible study type stuff and I'll do the other stuff.

Came home, showered, planned meals and went grocery shopping, came home had very late lunch. Rick worked with W and H on Chemistry and Algebra. Josh is reading the Pendragon series. He's been reading pretty much nonstop but he's been very anti-social as well.

I told the kids they couldn't watch all those Nick and Disney Y7 shows anymore. Everyone is entirely too smart alecky and it is really rubbing off on the way the kids treat each other. I'm fed up with the snotty remarks they make all the time. So I told them only pbs educational tv or preapproved movies. Right now they're watching a movie about magicians.

The weather is beautiful. I'm on the screen porch typing this.

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