Thursday, August 2, 2007

Revamping Mt. Vernon Sweep

I am feeling a little pressure to go faster on this sweep as it is very possible we'll go to the Outer Banks in a couple weeks. Rick seems to be doing a bit better. I still don't know if he's up for a 6+ hour drive but he gets another steriod shot between now and then. Anyway, It's taken me 2 weeks to not quite get through the upstairs which means I have to get the main floor done in one week. Especially as I am hosting the New Mom's Tea the day after we get back so I'd really like the main floor in order before we leave.

So today:

Finish up Hannah's room

Work on powder room; front hall (I cleaned out the closet within the last year so it's mostly just the marble top dresser in the front hall). Living room and dining room. Dining room is the worst because we have lots of school books and such stuffed in there. That needs a good cleaning out. However, none of this is that bad so it could easily be done in one day.

If I get this done today, tomorrow I could work on finishing up Will and Becky's room and my room.

Saturday - we're having a picnic/party for my sister Eileen. She's got Down's Syndrome. It's a big extended family get together at my sister Ronnie's community center's park.

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