Wednesday, August 8, 2007


A.M. Was feeling so discouraged about my kids' attitudes this morning. Everybody seems so selfish and whiney.

Went to Mass with Sean though. Feast of St. Dominic. Mass was good. Hannah and Will went too, but separately. I really think Hannah was a little offended that I wanted to go to daily Mass too. I think I was infringing on her territory.

Anyway, Sean and I went out to breakfast. He picked IHOP. I ate about 1/2 of a spinach and mushroom omelet and lots of coffee with half and half (gotta remember to get skim milk!) We talked a bit about school. He was actually enthusiastic about it. I showed him all his books for next year. I told him last year we took it easy but for 3rd grade I was going to require him to work hard, BUT I would make it as fun and interesting as possible. He was pleased.

Came home, showered then spent time doing various planning things both for school and vacation. Decluttered the long counter under the sink which has been an eyesore for months. So that's good. It's still not very pretty looking. It's got lots of odds and ends on it. A bread machine, a paper towel holder, a toaster, a dirt devil hand vac, a scale that Sean plays with all the time weighing various things, 4 flashlights. Rick keeps buying flashlights. I really don't know where to keep them all. Then I have various jars and dishes full of odds and ends kind of stuff, loose change, pens and pencils, marbles, little lego bits, costume jewelry, barbie shoes, ping pong ball, some old math manipulatives, paper clips, matchboxes, pens and pencils etc. It just takes so long to sort all that stuff out.

Lunch - had an organic cola and a couple of left over organic chicken strips. Wasn't very hungry because of late breakfast.

It has been incredibly hot here. 100% with intense humidity. You feel like you'll have an asthma attack if you stay outside too long. Very hazy and polluted.

I hope to get on the elliptical. Yesterday I just pooped out at about 8:45 p.m. I need to get it in before then.

Trying to get homeschool notification ready and filed with county before we leave.

So far I've been keeping the upstairs neat and I've also been keeping up on laundry. So I feel pretty good about that!

Almost done with my finalized British History/Lit syllabus. Also want to send that out before we leave.

Dinner is porcupine meatballs. I was going to make rice with it, but we don't have enough. I never run out of rice!!!!!! How'd that happen. So I think we'll just have rolls and salad with the meatballs.

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