Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogging for photoessay

Had a really rough night. Woke up at 3:00 from anxiety dream (too much caffeine yesterday) and didn't go back to sleep until about 5:40 or so. Woke again at 7:40. Didn't walk this a.m. Feel very out of sorts. In spite of this I have been taking photos with my digital camera. I'm determined to figure out this photo essay stuff.

Will woke very early at 7:00 a.m. and played Halo which he got yesterday and is obsessing on.

Started waking everyone else at 8:30. Made breakfast sandwiches. Didn't get everybody down to breakfast until 9:30. Read about 45 minutes of Sun Slower, Sun Faster which was really good.

Everybody started composing songs again at the CN music game site. Rick came down and changed lightbulbs in kitchen which was wonderful because it's been raining for 3 days now and it is very, very gloomy out and I hated having those lights out. Made everything dim and depressing. He also sprayed Round Up on some weeds that look suspiciously like poison ivy growing in our garden. Our garden is a total mess. We haven't weeded in ages because of the yellow jackets. Pest Control guy is coming on Friday morning to try to get rid of them AGAIN.

I put on laundry and then we started cleaning the basement. Hannah did a little bit with the dress up closet. We started putting all the games on the carts in the basement so they'd be more accessible. I did have them on the shelves by the tv in the sitting room but nobody could really reach them there. We did some decluttering and tidying. Not much, the room looks worse now than before. I need to work some this afternoon just to get it tidy looking. Josh and Sean found some yo yo's and starting playing with them. Josh was a good worker. Sean doesn't listen and gets distracted.

Hannah and Will went to confession and noon mass. Right now Becky and Josh are watching winnie the pooh dvds. I don't know what Sean is doing. Better go check on him. Oh, he's downstairs watching Hannah Montana. We don't really have anything to eat for lunch I realize except pb&j. I'm must try to make do and not give in to junk food cravings! Meatloaf tonight for dinner.

This afternoon I'd like to take a nap, work a little bit more on the basement, maybe play one of the board games we uncovered in our cleaning, do 2 more loads of laundry (I need to do Rick's and mine!), the boys have to change the gerbil cages today, make dinner, clean kitchen completely, watch more Thomas Aquinas dvd, read to kids some more, read some of my own book.

8:38 well the afternoon was very blah. It has been very overcast, cool and rainy for 3 days. The weather I think is getting to us all. I did read a bit and take a very short nap. The screens have been on all afternoon. I spent a lot of time just surfing the net but not accomplishing much. I did get laundry done. Hannah did some too. We cleaned up in the basement for another 15 minutes. I made meat loaf. Rick still isn't home yet. So the dinner is going to be cold again.

We had a terrible time changing those gerbil cages. Three of the little critters escaped and we had to hunt them down. Goodness, it took a half hour to catch them and get the cages changed. I don't know if gerbils are worth it!

Got in a little tiff with Hannah because I wouldn't let her go out with Katie or drive Will to his CLC meeting. Told her she had to do her church history work. Sigh . . . Will's at CLC now. I hope Hannah's working so that I can tell her she can pick him up. Usually the whole gang stops at Dairy Queen after the meeting.

Cleaned kitchen a bit. While I drove Will to church, the tv went on downstairs. I think they're all watching the upteenth episode of Drake and Josh. Anyway, time to rouse them and say evening prayers, read a couple picture books to Becky.

Goodness, I hope the sun comes out tomorrow. I miss it!

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