Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging 8/27

Woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. Finally got up a little before 6:30 a.m. Took care of some homeschool group matters via e-mail and looked up some Waldorf resources to get an idea about how to set up the basement. I've decided that we'll do our circle time and such downstairs which is really the better place to do stuff. All the art supplies and things are down there. Had my tea but no walk this morning.

Hannah came down after 7:00. She'd slept too late to take a shower. She got herself off to mass and then Spanish class.

Will got up at 7:30. Had a bagel. I packed him lunch. Rick took him at 8:00 to his Cybercamp. That goes from 8:30 to 5:30. He's learning Flash Animation. In the meantime I got Josh and Sean up. Josh showered and ate breakfast. Sometime during all this Becky got up. I told Becky and Sean to get dressed and then we took Josh to his chess camp which started at 9:00. I got there with a cup of coffee in my hand. Both kids were barefoot. Then I saw several other homeschooling moms going into mass. I had completely forgotten about mass. I should have tried to plan for us to go as well, but I was so caught up with the busy-ness of the morning I'd forgotten.

Back home, we had a bit of a hard time not doing screen. New screen rules are now in effect. Screen is only allowed after 4:00 and before dinner. Sean ate some tuna and crackers (hadn't eaten breakfast) and then was achingly bored. Becky kept herself busy. I decided to go down and work on cleaning the basement and setting it up for a classroom space. I was so tired . . . . I was working in slow motion. I kept listening to Natalie McMaster to keep up my energy. Sean and Becky played upstairs for a while, on the piano and doing gymnastics and such. Then they came downstairs. Becky got really into setting up the classroom and added her only little touches. She brought down a bunch of old boardbooks from her room as well as her Barbie book to put on a shelf. Hardly very Waldorf, that Barbie, but she was happy so I was happy too. I read a couple of books aloud too while we cleaned and tidied and arranged things. The place is still pretty messy. I think I'll do some more this evening or tomorrow. It'll be ongoing.

Finally, after 11:00 I just needed to take a shower to keep going. So I left the kids to play and went upstairs. Wasn't in for 2 minutes before the kids were knocking on the door. Ah well.

Went to pick Josh up at 12:00 noon, kids in tow. But Josh's friend Stephen was at the camp and the first thing he did (besides hugging me, which was so sweet) was to ask if he could play at Stephen's. Stephen's grandmother said he could so Josh has been there ever since. Josh said he had a great time at camp. He really likes playing chess.

Came home with Becky and Sean. Becky wanted to play with a handwriting kit I had. She made her name in heiroglyphics and had a jolly good time. Then she wanted to play with the stylus and clay (supposed to be for cunieform) but she just wanted to write the A B C's on the clay which she did quite happily for a while. I made myself a sandwich. Then I read from the Blue Fairy Book the story The Yellow Dwarf. Sean started playing with playdough during this. It is a very long fairy tale with lots of surprising twists and turns. I only got about half way through when I started to nod off.

For quiet time I let Becky and Sean continue playing with their clay and playdough and listen to a library cd we got out, George's Marvelous Medicine by R. Dahl. They listened and I went upstairs. I read some more of The Seeing Stone which I am really starting to not like. It is too graphic and has too much sexual innuedo for Josh to read. It strikes me as a book that in trying to be medieval is really superimposing very modern sensibilities on to it. It kept making references to the sacraments in a disturbing way.

Came downstairs, Sean was really enjoying the Dahl audio but I made him stop to get ready to go swimming with his friend Joseph. But as usual Joseph's mother is an hour later than she said she'd be. Typical. Hannah came home. She stayed after the class to do homework in the library there. She must have gotten some lunch somewhere.

Right now as soon Sean gets picked up, Becky and I are going to The Paschal Lamb, then we'll pick up Will at his cybercamp.

Sean didn't get pick up until an hour and 45 minutes after the supposed time. After he went, Becky and I drove to pick up Josh and then we went to The Paschal Lamb. I looked for stuff for our classroom. I got several wooden and string rosaries. I just don't care for the plastic, chain variety. They break so easily. Then I got a lovely Icon type plaque of the three archangels. Our St. Michaels' Statue took a really beating last year. I also got a beautiful clay statue of St. Francis of Assisi. I decided he would sit on our nature table and I wanted something in a natural material rather than the cheapy plastic one I already have. I also book a couple of movies, The Jeweler's Shop and The Flower of St. Francis by Rossellini. And I got a poster of the 23rd psalm to put up in the classroom area. The classroom is shaping up. We'll do more work tomorrow. I must order silks. I decided I'd put silk on the altar in liturgical colors and then get the pastel pinks and oranges to drape in a couple of places.

We stopped and got ice cream at Carvels and then picked up Will from Cybercamp. He was very happy about how much flash animation he'd learned. He's a bit bummed because he's going to have to miss some of it tomorrow morning to go to his first chemistry class.

Home again, Hannah who'd been home had put the chicken in to bake. We had screen time. Becky only watched one Arthur though. She was too busy. She loves the hieroglyphics kit. I made rice, put on a load of laundry, made a salad. Sean came home from his swimming. Kids set the table. We ate out on the porch. The weather was much nicer than it's been.

Read Sun Slower, Sun Faster after dinner. Clean up a bit; not totally, gotta work on that. After dinner, we said prayers and I put Becky to bed. Rick came home. He read to Sean. Hannah, Will and I watched more Ralph McIniery on Aquinas. Very interesting. We paused a couple times to have little philosophical discussions. Before this Will got all his stuff together for Chemistry. Now Hannah is supposed to be reading Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know. Rick went to bed already. He has a 7:15 doctors appt for his back. He'll have to get up very early. Josh and Sean are still awake. Need to settle them down and get everybody to bed.

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