Thursday, December 18, 2008

Journal 12/18

  • Unfortunately, Becky and Sean spent the vast portion of the day in front of a video game of one sort or another
  • Sean did read some more of The Last Little Cat. He's already finished The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer!
  • Sean practiced piano a bit too.
  • Becky decided to make stocking for the cats and Tillie the puppy. She found old socks and wrote their names on the socks. She's put them up on the mantle in preparation for Christmas Eve. I guess I better hit a pet store and get some stocking stuffers.
  • Becky helped me make a cereal-box constellation in prep for our co-op tomorrow. I did one side as the little dipper and the other as the big dipper. Looks cool!
  • Rick taught a long Economics class to Josh, Will, Hannah and David. Then Josh went off to read Redwall and play computer games.
  • Will, Hannah, David and I watched Professor Allit lectures on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Frederick Douglass. Very interesting. We discussed Self-reliance. None of us were great Emerson fans.
  • Had to take Hannah for a short voice lesson and to get her libretto for her Christmas solo. Do You Know? I think is the name of the song she's singing.
  • Hannah didn't finish her timeline so I've grounded her from the car so I had to drive her around so much. I didn't get so draconian with Will though.
  • After Hannah's voice lesson we went shopping at the darling toy store in our little town.
  • Came home in time to take Will to his guitar lesson.
  • Got Living Memory book by Andrew Campbell. Looks great.
  • Rick worked all day in the dining room. Usually he works upstairs in our room.
  • Hannah tried to finish her timeline but didn't quite get it done before she had to go to work. Dropped her off and picked up Will.
  • Had a come and get it/leftovers dinner. I got tired of cooking meals that nobody ate!
  • Read the next chapter of Christmas and the Saints. Read about the Feast Day of St. Nicholas in Bari, Italy and about St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Will is working on his timeline. I told him to finish it tonight or else!

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I didn't know Hannah takes voice! Was she singing, "Mary, Did You Know?"