Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal of 12/15

  • managed to say a rosary this a.m.

  • Hannah got her Spanish grade from the comm. college. She got a B. Yeah, I told her she can now go to college if she wants! Oh she also got her SAT scores sent to Steubenville.

  • Josh and Will have been busy with the math tutor this a.m.

  • Sean and Becky played Insanaquarium or some such game on the computer a lot this a.m.

  • We finished Black Ships Before Troy! Hurrah! I had wanted to finish that before Advent started. Poor Troy though. Becky said it wasn't fair that Hector's baby died but Helen got spared and treated like a queen since she caused the terrible fight.

  • Sean practiced piano (he has a jury this afternoon) and read some more of The Last Little Cat. He says he really likes the book.

  • I read to Becky: Hiccup, the Seasick Viking; Treasure Hunt, Arnie the Brave and a part of a pop up book on poisonous creatures, such as scorpions and blue ringed octopus.

  • Josh took Tillie for a walk.

  • Becky and Sean played checkers then started playing a game with a stuffed bear puppet. They have named him Ron Stevenson. This is the name of a character that Becky made up. I am not quite sure exactly who he is but he sometimes appears when the kids are playing. Ron Stevenson currently is a cartoonist who likes to draw pictures of Opus the penguin!

  • Becky, Sean and I watched the movie A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. Good movie, lots of discussion.

  • Josh has been reading Mossflower all day.

  • Will's been playing his acoustic guitar all day. His electric is in the shop.

  • Hannah went to work. She's working a 6 hour shift today. Won't see her til after closing.

  • Sean had his piano jury. He did very well!

  • I made Potato-cheese soup, chicken salad and now I'm baking some frozen rolls for dinner.

  • Right now all three kids are playing Insanaquarium again. Looks like this game is the new hit.

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