Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learning Log 11/3/09

  • A good day! B did cursive, math (rounding to 100's), read the story of The Little Red Hen, copied over some words from the story on the whiteboard, listened to the story of Samuel from Bible History, I read her the next chapter from F&L, violin lesson
  • S did cursive, math (story problems), read Wimpy Kid book, Bible History, F&L, Latin vocab and grammar, piano practice and lesson
  • Rick is reading them The BFG by Roald Dahl.
  • J took Algebra test which Rick corrected.
  • J and I watched next lecture in Earth Science about how planet was formed. I need to watch it again. It was pretty technical and I didn't quite get it all.
  • W went to Music Theory in a.m.
  • W practiced music with band member in afternoon
  • Evening J, W and I did Latin homework
  • Got up and finished Latin homework
  • Went to Latin class
  • B did cursive, reading workbook, math, coloring
  • S did cursive, reading in Seton reader, did math lesson on lines, page of spelling book
  • Took kids to vote with me
  • J did next lesson in Algebra
  • Discussed History reading with J and W
  • B and S went to gymnastics which they loved
  • Watched first lecture on Classical Archeology with W and J
  • B and S watched Bill Nye videos on youtube
  • W went to Soundry for open mike night
  • B and S played at Music Theory.com
  • R is reading so many read alouds: BFG, Sea of Monsters, Samantha (American Girls), Prisoner of Azkaban.

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