Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Report 11/1/09-11/6/09

School-y stuff:
  • Read alouds: Read more Bible History (story of Samuel), Carry On, Mr Bowditch and Archimedes and the Door To Science. I love how Mr. Bowditch and Archimedes are overlapping when it comes to mentioning navigation and astronomy! Learned about the Achimedean screw.
  • Did catechism on Monday
  • B and S did cursive every day
  • S did a week's worth of spelling in his spelling workbook
  • B did read a story from her reader and a page in her workbook. A couple times during the week she copied over some words she'd been reading onto the whiteboard
  • S did Lessons 11, 12, 13, and 14 in Saxon 6/5
  • B learned rounding to 10's, hundreds, reading large numbers, place value
  • J did lessons 17-21 in Saxon Algebra II. He took a test on Monday. Scored 75%. Argh! Rick says there was one question he just didn't understand but that the rest was just carelessness in arithmetic and trying to do too much figuring in his head. So the new rule is that if he scores less than 85%, he has to retake the test. I think J knows his dad will just go over the test with him so he doesn't need to work hard for accuracy. Daddy is too nice!
  • J and I watched two lectures on Earth Science - how the planet was formed and the rock cycle. Earth science is cool!
  • J, W and I watched first lecture on Classical Archaeology. This also seems very cool, combining history and science.
  • J, W and I read/listened to Book 7 of the Iliad
  • W went to Music Theory class
  • Latin - S did Latin 3x times this week. B sat in when we watched the dvd lesson for ch. 16.
  • Latin again - did Latin homework and went to class on Tuesday. W and J studied to make up test and took it on Thursday afternoon. I have no idea how they did.
  • Did a crossword puzzle in our Greek workbooks
  • Violin and piano lessons. S practiced every day, B not so much!
  • S read in his Seton reader using his flippers (VT exercise)
Unschool-y stuff:
  • W and S continue to have a music appreciation study together. They've been into Steve Reich this week big time. They've been trying to jam on the piano together.
  • We watched a lot of Bill Nye clips on youtube this week - science!
  • We watched The Wizard of Oz and the first Willie Wonka movie with Gene Wilder this week.
  • S played a neat geography game at One More Level
  • J was been really into the game The Way this week. He and Rick had to figure out a big computer glitch.
  • W and S helped pack kits and write cards for the troops at a youth service project at church
  • J and W went to their CLC meeting on Wed night - Bible study, discussion, etc
  • B and S love their cartooning class. S worked really hard drawing a cartoon mouse. His perfectionism works against him mightily! B is constantly drawing.
  • B is also constantly writing. She writes on the whiteboards, on paper, making posters, etc. Both she and S are constantly asking me how to spell stuff.
  • B and S played at drawing school. B set up a classroom in her room with 4 stuffed animals. It is the cutest thing ever! I should take a photo!
  • B and S loved gymnastics and have been practicing lots this week in the front yard.
  • B and S also got into being mimes this week using the leftover face paint from Halloween. They made up all kinds of acts! Very cute.
  • Rick is reading The BFG to both B and S, HP to S and Samantha to B
  • S finished reading the latest Wimpy Kid book. Now he's into F- minus cartoon.
  • J seems to just be reading stuff he finds lying around. Not into any particular book this week. He did read a couple of chapters of History
  • S and B went to Music Theory dot com a couple times this week to each themselves MT.
  • B starting getting back into Starfall site again.
  • I've started reading S Grimm's Fairy Tales at his request. I've been reading Little House in the Highlands to B which makes me want to travel to Scotland so badly!
  • Today - Friday - Socratic discussion group this a.m.
  • J has appointment with spine doctor at 1 p.m.
  • Afternoon: cleaning the house would be good; also reading another book in the Iliad
  • Getting everyone out to do some exercise.
  • Over the weekend - J needs to do another lesson in Algebra II; W, J and I need to do some Latin homework.


Kash said...

Oh, I do love Carry On, Mr. Bowditch!

Sounds like a terrific week.

Carrie said...

Sounds like lots of learning took place at your house - "school" or "unschool!" Yours is the second report I've read today that mentioned YouTube ... Man, I'm missing out!!

Daisy said...

Holy Cow! I'm worn out just reading it. You go, Mom!

Agreeing with Carrie, I need to check out YouTube more often.

Kel said...

Wow! That is quite a list of things you accomplished.

Anonymous said...

You had a very productive week! What was the source of your lectures? Inquiring minds...LOL

Faith said...

Hi Kysha! The lectures we are watching are from The Teaching Co.