Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plans for Lent

  • Abstaining from meat on Fridays
  • Prayer
  • Alms-giving
  • Making a Lenten sacrifice
  • Fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
Prayer - We were thinking of doing the following:
  • Mondays - saying a family rosary, either in the a.m. before breakfast or at noon.
  • Tuesdays - this is a tight day - maybe try to say the Divine Mercy but we can't do it at 3 because B goes to gymnastics then, so I think we'll try to say it before dinner on Tuesday nights.
  • Wednesday - noon Mass at a nearby church which has noon Masses during Advent and Lent
  • Thursday - read the readings for Sunday's Mass - J (and W if he wants) can explain to us what they learned from their CLC Bible Study the night before.
  • Friday - Stations of the Cross at our parish every Friday night at 7:30 p.m.
Almsgiving - For some reason our parish doesn't participate in Operation Rice Bowl. It is a tithing parish and is very strong in the peace and justice aspects of living the faith. So I wonder why we don't participate in this particular charitable activity. However, on the WTM board someone mentioned Food for the Poor's Operation Starfish We love Food for the Poor so I'd be happy to participate in a program they have. I don't know if I can get my act together enough though to start it up. It looks like something maybe our homeschool group can do together.

Lenten Sacrifice:
  • I am making Friday a screen free day for me and reducing myself to 30 minutes of screen each day for the rest of the week. That seems a really light sacrifice but with J's surgery going on I'm not sure if I can commit to more than that right now, realistically.
  • S wants to give up computer and also give up playing games on his DSI. He's planning to limit himself to only animated on his DSI. Which makes sense. I mean an artist doesn't plan to give up making art for Lent!
  • B wants to make a crown of thorns with clay and toothpicks. Each time she makes a sacrifice or does a good deed she gets to take a 'thorn' out of the crown.
  • J says he's going to try to pray more. Frankly he'll be having and recovering from major surgery on his back, so that might be hard enough. Maybe he can offer up his anxiety, pain and discomfort!
  • W, not sure what he's got planned.

  • I also am going to ask W, J and S to do regular spiritual reading during the course of Lent.
  • I am going to commit myself to finishing Jesus of Nazareth and Reading The Old Testament. I won't read any other books until I am finished with them.

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Michiel said...

Wow, Faith, you have some really great plans for Lent. We talked about it briefly at dinner once, and have done nothing since. I think it's time we decided and put it down in writing like you did.

One thing my husband brought up to the boys is that giving up something is fine, but that they should make sure that the giving up should also do some good. Example: giving up pop, but using the money that one would have spent to donate for a charity.

My husband gave up the internet a few years ago, and now says that he should have used that time to pray or study the Bible or do something special with the boys.

I think our Lenten goals this year will be to sacrifice with a purpose.

I think I may borrow your crown of thorns idea for my younger son.