Saturday, February 20, 2010

Summer Plans

I know it is crazy to plan for summer in February or so it seems. But I really need to! How things seem to be shaping up:

H - will be home from college and working to save money for her Rome semester. She's applied to work for the census. We'll see if she gets it. If not she'll be job hunting or maybe working back at Starbucks. She'll be in and out probably going on weekend visits here and there.

W - will be gone the last weekend in June to NC with the parish workcampers. Then he 'll be home for a week and then off to Boston for 5 weeks to music school. He'll come home and the very next day leave with us to go to the Outer Banks for a week. As soon as he gets home his classes at NOVA start up! He'll be uberbusy this summer!

J - is the opposite of W. We've got nothing planned for him. He'll still be recuperating from his operation. I think he'll still be working on completing 9th grade. He's been so slow getting through Algebra II that he'll still need to work on that. We'll probably still be working on some literature stuff. I feel like just doing video school with him. I've got Teaching the Classics and a Teach. Co. course on Writing Good Sentences. It studies literature and different author's sentence structure. It is a rather unusual way to approach both grammar and writing. I only saw the first two lectures but it is intriguing to me. So maybe we'll do that. Maybe we'll also watching the History of Western Civ with Prof. Noble. Also, we'll all be trying to read a lot.

S - also have very little planned for him. He doesn't want to do music camp at all. I think we'll also be doing math through the summer. I'm thinking of getting him some Critical Thinking software that helps with his visual stuff. And we'll be reading a lot. He wants to do a Latin camp this summer so I'm brainstorming about how to put one together. Also LPH has an on line art class over the summer which looks fun. Plus, he'll still be doing his on line music theory course with them through August.

B - 3 week music camp (gotta decide which three weeks and sign her up), Latin camp and a week at the beach. Also the on line art class. I think she'll be busy and happy! She never gets bored anyway!

I must sign up to join the pool. I never did last year. Shame on me. S loves to swim, J and B not so much, but both have talked of being frustrated with their lack of swimming skills. The dr said swimming would be very good for J's back. So I think I'll join the pool and put out money for private lessons for them all.

So that's what's going on in my head now. We'll see how things turn out.

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Kristine said...

I don't think it's crazy to think about summer in February, but then, I've been doing the same thing. We were blessed with some nice warm days this past week, which had me dreaming of our summer plans... It sounds as though you'll be MUCH busier than we will though! I'm merely planning lots of work in the garden & school outdoors. :-)

I need to remember to join the pool too - we didn't last year & the kids missed it so much.