Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Recap 3/1/10 - 3/5/10

Last week had some academic stuff in it but I can't remember it because it is a blur! Wednesday J had his back surgery. We were at the hospital 15 minutes early @ 7:45 and wound up waiting until almost 12:00! The surgery got pushed back because our dr who seems to be THE pediatric orthopedist had to do emergency surgery on a little boy who fell out of a 6 or 7 story window! He lived, incredibly, because he landed on a big snow pile! But he broke his femur and that's what made us wait for hours in the waiting room at the hospital. J finished reading The Screwtape Letters and then napped while we waited. I won't go into the gory details of the surgery and the arduous days at the hospital. J is now home asleep on a bed we've put up in our family room. On J's last day in the hospital he read the book The Hunger Games. I read it too. Really good book!


  • Read aloud from The King of the Golden City
  • Read aloud from Frontier Bishop
  • Btw, finally finished Five Little Peppers Sunday evening.
  • J and B have been watching lots of movies/tv - The Incredible Journey, PW Herman's Big Adventure and lots of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • S went early to piano lessons. W is doing a make up lesson there just before S's. S took his saint book on St. Hubert, the Archer Saint (not the the exact title!) to read while he waited.
  • B has been watching Wordgirl on the computer and playing games affiliated with the show.
  • B found her old mp3 player and listened to songs her older sister put on it when she was six. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Would You Like to Swing on a Star? and lots of Christian Rock songs.
  • S and B watched the director's commentary on the Series of Unfortunate Events and laughed hysterically the whole time. Lemony Snickett must be very funny!
  • W and I did a practice NLE
  • J slept most of the day!
  • I read the first chapter of Amos Fortune to S who was asking for a read aloud for the evening from me.
  • Finished up Latin homework this a.m. with W but only W went to Latin class
  • J had a rough night
  • While I was taking a shower B and S started watching the Lemony Snickett movie w/ commentary to J. This was good because the incoming storm triggered a weird migraine so I spent most of the morning fighting pain and nausea!
  • B and S announced they wanted a total unschooling day and that I was not allowed to read to them! What?? I was in a weakened condition and consented.
  • B (and S) bickered and fought and screamed horribly making me threaten B with no gymnastics this p.m. unless she straightened up. She, of course, misbehaved again so no class for her!
  • Suddenly right before what would have been time for gymnastics, B made me a lovely card saying I love you mom. She cut out strips of different colored construction paper to make a rainbow in the card.
  • B and S then began to make puppets. S took went to this site and got instructions to make a duck shadow puppet out of cardstock, those little joint pins (what do you call them) that I happened to have from some project long ago and bamboo skewers. Then they tied string to a stuffed dog to make a marionette and B took a couple of skewers and stuck them through the paw of another stuffed dog to make a rod puppet.
  • J gave himself a little sponge bath, brushed his teeth and changed into clean clothes. He went outside for about one minute but it was cold. He has definitely lost weight. I hope he gets his appetite back soon!
  • W practiced music all afternoon and then worked on Writeguide
  • B and S taped up a sheet in the basement and then with a flashlight made hand shadows and put on a really clever show!
  • B made a plate with spaghetti and meatballs out of construction paper!
  • J and I watched the next Earth Science lecture on Mt. St. Helens.
  • S keeps going to this site to look at their puppets.
  • B and S drew pictures of W
  • J watched Murder by Death again (he watched it last night as well.) He thinks that movie is hysterical!
  • B and S finally allowed me to read to them but it was a completely different book than we've been reading: Theater Shoes by Noel Streatfield. Both pronounced the first ch to promise good things.
  • S listened to Jim Weiss cd on Abraham Lincoln. B is listening to The House Beyond the Trees. J is going to try to sleep in his own bed upstairs tonight. Hopefully he'll sleep better.

  • Totally lax day. In a.m. J, S and B watched Peanuts episodes while I ran errands.
  • W practiced lots of music
  • S and W went to VT
  • B and I went on a little date to Chick Fil A - had a nice time
  • J started reading sequel to The Hunger Games
  • B read some from the Chick Fil A booklet on horse she got and then proceeded to play for quite awhile on Starfall
  • S went over to friend's house
  • W went to CLC
  • R read B and S Mysterious Benedict Society 3 and I read them next ch. of Theatre Shoes
  • Still in complete unschooling mode. I think in my head I'll say this is spring break! Maybe start afresh next week when H is home. I'm thinking of using her as a motivational factor for S and B.
  • B and S are still in the lots of drawing and playing with puppets mode
  • J finished reading sequel (what is it's name?)
  • B and S joined me (somewhat) while I actually pulled out an exercise dvd and did the exercise. Yeah for me!
  • B and talked about starting a vegetable garden. Last year R built me this nice square foot garden raised bed but we came to a standstill about how to keep deer away and then we never planted the garden. But this year I'm already planning. So I ordered deer repellant and organic seeds: carrots, melons. tomatoes, peas, broccoli, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers.
  • We are getting 4 baby chicks to raise on 4/5! That'll be fun (I hope!)
  • S and I went out for a date to Panera for lunch
  • W and I went to CC to figure out how to get into his account and drop his music theory class before it is too late. Got it all straightened out.
  • W is designing a new look for his electric guitar. He went to Home depot and bought spray paint. He took apart the guitar and is using paint tape to make some kind of design on it. He's hard at work at it!
  • B and S went out to play for a while; chilly day but the sky was blue.
  • B and S begged me to take them to our really quaint and cool local toystore where we looked at all the great puppets and dollhouses. R says he's going to build a dollhouse for B.
  • J slept all afternoon.
  • J, S and I watched the first part of Teaching the Classics dvd (up through elements of plot and theme.)
  • R read Mysterious Benedict Society
  • I read Theater Shoes
  • nothing academic is planned for tomorrow either!
  • J has his follow up drs. appt in the a.m.
  • Another lady who co-leads the homeschool support group we are in is coming over for a meeting
  • My friend is bringing me food!
  • H is coming home for spring break. Home a whole week!

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Kristine said...

I think the week sounds great, though I hear you about considering it "spring break" - that's essentially what I've done too (though we've done nowhere near the work you have!). Have you peaked at the Square Foot Gardening book? He's got some ideas about constructing a sort of cage that attaches to the box, I believe, and would keep deer out. This will be my first year attempting SF Gardening too, so we'll see how it goes!